Some Girls

    Heaven’s Pregnant Teens


    San Diego’s Some Girls is a hardcore supergroup whose five members have a musical resume that could last for pages. Spearheaded by Wes Eishold, who fronted the legendary American Nightmare, and Justin Pearson, who is best known as the Locust‘s gangly bassist, the group also features members of Unbroken, Over My Dead Body, and the Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower. Add that to the fact that they’ve had vocal guest spots from Converge’s Jake Bannon and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O and you’ve got a press sheet that writes itself.

    Behind their press-mongering roster, however, is a band that wants to evolve. In their short four years, the members have dabbled in straightforward hardcore (The Rains and The Blues EPs), classic rock (All My Friends Are Going Death) and violent post-hardcore (The DNA Will Have Its Say). Heaven’s Pregnant Teens, the group’s sophomore full-length and first for the behemoth punk suits at Epitaph, follows suit by sounding very little like its predecessors. With Alex Newport behind the boards, the record is less a barrage of fast parts and breakdowns and more a feast of shrill static and snotty punk aplomb.

    Opening with the cyclical, one-chord attack of “Beautiful Rune,” the record offers a consistent blend of abrasive thrash and jagged post-punk breakdowns with tracks such as “Dead in a Web” and “Totally Pregnant Teens.” The record does offer a slew of thought out and heavy songs, but it also falls prey to needless repetition on tracks such as closer “Deathface,” the record’s weakest track. But despite its shortcomings, Heaven’s Pregnant Teens is thoughtful, monstrous and irreverently loud.