Guerilla Black

    Hearts of Fire Mixtape


    By this point, Guerilla Black is well aware of the Biggie comparisons; he even mentions the “deep voice” that “reminds you of a leg(end)” on “Choice is Yours,” the second track on the Hearts of Fire mixtape. Black flows over several different Biggie beats on this track, drawing even more attention to said comparisons. And the comparisons are very warranted. As far as bringing new content to the table though, Guerilla Black only revisits and retreats.

    Black spins a gangland tale of avenging death on “Choice” and then digresses toward a combination of subjects, themes changing with the backdrop. “G-Up” is just as hot, his double-tracked vocal rolling confidently over a dramatic piano loop, its theatrics intensifying every few seconds and then dropping back.
    Hearts of Fire, the promo for this year’s Guerilla City LP, only has one or two songs from the official album. One is “Compton,” which features a melodic hook from the irresponsible and brainless homophobe Beenie Man. He doesn’t have an opportunity to spit his Rick Santorum-approved bile here, so the track comes off okay. As far as the rest goes, well, Guerilla Black has undeniable skills. Unfortunately he uses them to channel Biggie Smalls in over-the-top misogynist and gangland content that’s been covered on about seven billion mixtapes before this one.

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