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This trio of Atoms Family vets -- lyricists Alaska and Windnbreeze and producer PaWl -- are standouts on Def Jux's roster for their overt appreciation of alcohol straight-up, not with the side of sedatives that usually guides this label. PaWL is indebted to a dense '80s b-boy sound but adds his own stamp of roller-rink electro-shock. It's not altogether dissimilar to El-P's own brand of concrete-shattering funk. It's just more booty-minded.


Alaska's and Windnbreeze's verses, literate but not verbose, cling rigidly to the beat like staccato jackhammers, invading the headspace as much as the production. The whole mess adds up to a great New York hardcore minute. It's not quite brilliant over the course of the fifty-plus minutes, but the press sheet isn't wrong when it says Hangar 18 is maybe "the best opening band I've ever seen."

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"Where We At" video

"Beat Slope" mp3

  • Intro
  • Where We At?
  • Beatslope
  • Go Git That
  • Boombox Apocalypse
  • Sadat X Appears Courtesy Of...
  • Hangar 18 And The Temple Of Doom
  • Saved By The Beezy
  • Blown Bubble
  • Itcherlude
  • Take No Chances
  • Barhoppin'
  • Hangar 101
  • Keeps It Movin'
  • Easier Said Than Done
  • Outro
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