Bullet for My Valentine

    Hand of Blood EP


    With the current crop of rock revivalists concentrating on exhuming the ’80s, it was only a matter of time before power metal became cool again. Every harmonized guitar lick and melodic riff on Bullet for My Valentine’s debut EP harks back to the days when Iron Maiden could do no wrong.

    But a lot has happened to metal since 1984, and thankfully this Welsh four-piece kept on listening.


    Much like Killswitch Engage or Thrice, Bullet for My Valentine alternates between tasteful screaming and modern rock-influenced clean vocals over a melodic thrash template. It’s a tough style to pull off – veer too far into emo land and the toughness is compromised, make it too hardcore and the music becomes joyless – and it’s to the band’s credit that each of these songs is worthy of both head-banging and sing-alongs. There’s nothing new about what this band is doing, but with arrangements as perfect as the one for “4 Words (To Choke Upon),” Bullet for My Valentine has earned its devil horns.


    Band website: http://www.bulletformyvalentine1.com

    Label website: http://www.trustkill.com

    Media page: http://www.bulletformyvalentine1.com/website/html/media.php

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