World/Inferno Friendship Society

    Hallomas Live at North Six


    I’ve never been able to make it through Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’ve tried — or rather, have been forced — but some things just aren’t meant to be. In the same spirit, sans alien transvestites, World/Inferno milks the cabaret-punk niche market to a T. They dress like ’50s socialites, but they have songs like “Zen aad the Art of Breaking Everything in This Room.” How witty and subversive! Vocalist Jack Terricloth’s between song banter (which comprises at least thirty percent of this live album) ranges from tales of trying to score drugs to explanations of his anti-Reagan stance. What balls!


    Some songs here are catchy, but so is the flu. If you’re one of those nutcases who’s inspired by Susan Sarandon to try cross-dressing, knock yourself out. I’d rather drink a High Life and watch Bull Durham.