Unholy Grave

    Grind Killers


    In its 17-year history, Nagoya, Japan’s Unholy Grave has maintained a brutal consistency as few grind bands have. Focusing on the political rather than the usual grind topics — death, gore, devastation (though those topics are present as well) — the members of Unholy Grave have a serious agenda, and it’s backed up by some of the most wicked, head-spinning riffage this side of classic Napalm Death. Grind Killers features 23 relentless tracks, complete with impossibly fast drumming and the classic/clichéd grind growl that seems to transcend nations.


    Recorded live in a Dutch studio in 2008, Grind Killers wastes no time and or energy on subtleties. Tracks like “Confession,” “Pay The Price, “Blind Barrier” and “No Racial Superiority” are whiplash fast, short and tart, and angry and folk. Tracks like “Murderer,” “Missing Children” and “Grind Faith” mix in some traditional hardcore riffs to the grindage. In context, these songs sound almost like slow tracks.


    Drummer Kazumi is the standout, though guitarist Tee and lead grunter Takaho Komatsu (formerly of Deathspeed) are worth noting for their contribution to the mayhem. Grind Killers is the rare full-length for a band that has more often chosen to release EPs or split 7-inches. But that doesn’t mean that the members of Unholy Grave are at a loss for material or can’t keep up steam from a full CD. These 23 blistering, emotionally delivered slabs of classic grind are proof of that.