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  • William's Blood
  • Corporate Cannibal
  • I'm crying (Mother's tears)
  • Well Well Well
  • Hurricane
  • Love you to life
  • Sunset Surprise
  • Devil in my Life

If you look at the gap between her ninth and tenth releases, it would appear that fashion icon/actress Grace Jones put her music career on hold following 1989's Bulletproof Heart. But what actually happened was far more disappointing than some kind of hiatus. She recorded several albums, including a collaboration with Tricky, but they never saw the light of day. Her luck would finally change in 2008 with the release of Hurricane, which landed loads of critical acclaim overseas. It took three years for it to make its way to the U.S. And rather than just re-release the album, Jones has included a bonus disc that features dub versions of the entirety of Hurricane. The record includes high-profile players such as Brian Eno, Sly & Robbie, and, yes, Tricky.

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