The 100th release for Get Physical finds the tech-house label in a kind of stasis. An optimistic assessment is that the missteps on GPM100 are analogous to those on the previous anniversary mix, 5 Years of Get Physical. Clearly, the Berlin imprint doesn’t do well with ceremonial compilations.  


    The nine "battle tracks" have notable Get Physical producers and DJs squaring off. Why this is a battle and not a collaboration is beyond me, as there is no evidence of confrontation. Still, it doesn’t hide the real problem: a slipshod collection of colorless songs that leads me to interpret the vocal, "How blind could I be," on the song "Lights," as not an allusion to drugs but as an admission of guilt. 


    Dubious track names such as "Funkshovel" and "May Contain Nuts" should immediately raise suspicions about the level of creativity being applied on this album. And as it turns out, bizarre names beget questionable songs, like opener "Funky Donuts." It features label heavyweights M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade, who together have produced Get Physical’s greatest releases, including the superb anthems "Body Language" and "O Superman." But the shallow jangles on this track make it sound dangerously close to hotel lobby background fizz.


    One of the few tracks worthy of multiple listens, "Gin," has rhythm that could actually get people to get physical. A heavily processed, inscrutable sample slowly unravels over an ebullient beat. At the point when the layers are stripped, a punchy synth takes the repetition into oblivion. This track is ready for the club.   


    After six years of defining a sound, Get Physical takes no risk with this mix. "I’m not going to do the work, I need some slaves," says a supposedly sage voice on "Funkshovel," by LOPAZZ vs. Heidi. The soliloquy monopolizes the otherwise dull track, and it could be Get Physical’s mantra on GPM100, as they suffer from the illusion that simple beats and danceability are the same thing.