The Dig

    Good Luck and Games EP


    Newfangled production techniques and non-linear song structures can be nice and all, but a great rock song with nothing new to say will always trump an innovative failure. Take the Dig from New York City, which brings nary a whit of musical progression to the Good Luck and Games EP but knocks it out of the park all the same.

    These guys spike their compact ’60s-pop nuggets with a horny swagger borrowed from ’70s glam, ensuring that every tambourine shake and guitar shimmy is complemented by a pelvic thrust. Power-pop fetishists will shit themselves over the vintage T.Rex riff that chugs through “Lovesick Woman” and the cooing harmonies of “Marianne,” though really there isn’t a bum moment on the disc.

    The Good Luck and Games EP is a reminder that there are still plenty of great three-minute pop songs to be written.



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