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    Good Fortune


    When I was a kid, I rocked the old Nintendo 8-bit so hard. I’d race home from fourth-grade just to get some time in on Super Mario Bros. or Double Dragon. At times I felt like I was Billy in The Wizard, but for the most part I sucked hard at video games. That’s why I gave them up for punk rock by the time I was 13. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one indelibly affected by Nintendo.


    We last saw Airborn Audio’s M.Sayyid and High Priest in Antipop Consortium (alongside Beans). And Good Fortune is exactly what we’d expect from these guys: sparse, wacked-out videogame beats backing up slinky rhymes. “Brights Lights” could have been an Antipop outtake, and “Best Shit in the World” takes the group into the future. Or at least a future that is created by Airborn.

    There is some pretty sweet commercial hip-hop out there, but I like shit that is crazy and out there. Airborn Audio totally understands that. Sayyid’s rhymes might be the best thing this side of spending a summer day on Coney Island drinking a High Life. With an album that is at once listenable and challenging, Airborn Audio has laid the foundation for a bright future.

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