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Remind me never to trust Morrissey for a musical recommendation. His infatuation with the New York Dolls notwithstanding, I have to wonder about him. He pulled San Antonio's Girl in A Coma onto his most recent tour when he kicked Kristeen Young off, which is quite the compliment to the three ladies in Girl in A Coma. But the band is just whelming. Not bad, but certainly not groundbreaking. Nina Diaz has a big thick voice that the pop punk/60s girl groups/80s trash (and one very long folkie ?!?) songs just don’t do enough justice for. She can do it all—sultry, falsetto a al Moz, plaintive, and just plain bold.  The songs aren't an amalgamation of these eras, but more like slices of the songs they're emulating. Some songs are the Smiths, some are Joy Division, some are the Ronettes, others just bubblegum punk.  Once they settle on a sound and an era and stop wearing their influences openly to the point of sounding like a sum of their parts, they can focus on making music to give even more buoyancy to Nina's already amazing voice. They're still young, they've got plenty of time.  And they've got Morrissey and Joan Jett on their side.

Paint It Black - New Lexicon To-Mera Delusions

wow what a suck ass review.. this band is f*****g amazing live and the record is so diffrent comapred to whats out there. im assuming you must be a fall out boy fan.


I caught the girls in NYC and their amazing live . Very very different. I bought the record and their is so much layer to each of their songs. Every time i would put it in there is something different hidden within each song. I dont know if ou popped it in.. listen to the first song and thought.. thats it.. i got it figured out. If so.. then you must be tierd of your job.. or your losing your ear. Catch them live.. and you will swallow your words.


Girl In A Coma is coming to Philly for $5. It's going to be so awesome!! It's at a low key, chill place called Millcreek Tavern. The address is 4200 Chester Avenue. It's on a Friday- April 18th. I hear the other bands are pretty good too.


Girl In A Coma kick so much ass!! They are so sick live. I love them so much. I found some really awesome interviews that they did. People should check them out.


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