Get It Together


    Twenty years or so of touring has made Supersuckers one sharp, tight band. The production on Get It Together, helmed by recent AC/DC engineer Billy Joe Bowers and the band’s first release since 2003, is clean enough to highlight its compositional chops, which are more sublte than they initially seem. But thankfully it’s not too slick, because despite the biting lines woven together by guitarists Dan Bolton and Rontrose Heathman, some of these tracks are in danger of being overtaken by their generic alt-rock feel. 


    "Listen Up" and "What It Takes" are swaggering anthems, as are ""I’m a Fucking Genius" and "I Like It All, Man." That cockiness, along with solid and smart arrangements, helps those tracks rise above the formula into which they could have easily fallen. The album’s more adventurous moments come on the acoustic "Breaking Honey’s Heart" and the trashy "Something Good For You."


    Get It Together sounds like a lot of records you hear these days, and then, surprisingly, it doesn’t. Supersuckers have always been passionate and a little snotty, and that both drives their best music and saves their weakest. This is not their best record, but it is well worth the listen.