Be Your Own Pet

    Get Damaged


    Be Your Own Pet’s Get Damaged EP acquired its notoriety after Universal refused to to include the EP’s three tracks on the band’s sophomore album, Get Awkward, released in March. Now that the tracks have been released seen the light of day in their unedited form thanks to XL, it’s become fully clear how absurd Universal’s imposition was. The three offending tracks — "Becky," "Black Hole," and "Blow Yr Mind" — are, respectively, about teen girl backstabbing (literally, even), the depressingness of dealing with the same old fucking boring people, and the classic drunken blowjob experience. If Universal has a problem with vaguely alluding to murder or fellatio, what is their movie division doing releasing American Gangster or Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Jemina Perl is of the age of consent, after all.


    What’s even more frustrating is that the three banned tracks would have made Get Awkard a much better album. For starters, there’s no track on the LP as complete as "Becky," which has more business being a hit single and era-defining high school anthem them a source of big-whig censorship.


    While the other two tracks would not have contributed to the hit ratio of the album, they would have injected a fresh dose of hardcore thrashing to counterbalance the new-wave experiments of the album. This is what they teach you in Album Builidng 101 — would Let It Be have worked without "Gary’s Got a Boner" or "Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out?" You almost have to wonder what’s more offensive to Universal: disturbing lyrics or songs that sound like Black Flag’s.