Be Your Own Pet

    Get Awkward


    Be Your Own Pet’s Get Awkward is as notable for what’s not on it as it is for the twelve tracks of breathless punk that Jemina Pearl and the boys have ushered into the world. In its wisdom, parent label Universal has decided that three tracks from the band (“Blow Yr Mind,” “Black Hole,” and “Becky”) are too violent for public consumption, sending fans scurrying to the Internet to find out what they’re missing.


    But no matter, because the tracks that Universal has okayed are the kind of ballsy primal rock that conjures up images of a glorious multicolor three-way between Bikini Kill, the Ramones, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  “Bummer Time” even recalls second-division English punks like the Skids and the Ruts. Only two tracks crawl over the three-minute mark, with the combined half-hour duration resembling a giddy sugar rush that you won’t want to come down from.







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