50 Cent

    G-Unit Radio Pt. 21: Hate It or Love It


    They had to do this: create, or — depending what you read on MTV.com — find, a photo of Game as a thong-wearing male stripper. Game’s been pretty much rapping circles around these guys, upping the number of bars he can throw around, and you knew the guys in G-Unit weren’t gonna try to compete lyrically. This is their ammo, and it’s so, so stupid. They also include excerpts from Game’s stint on Change of Heart, which you would think is far more damning, because, you know, that actually happened. On TV.


    But behind the playground crap, not to mention one very nasty mixtape cover, lies some of 50‘s rawest material since I can’t remember. “Make a Movie Out of ‘Em” is the kind of fearless, guttural track he’s afraid to put on his albums. “Paper Chaser” uses Juvenile’s “Ha” flow and is much more entertaining than the lazy club hooks Mr. Interscope in the Palm of My Hand can’t stop coming up with. “5 Heartbeats” is the summer stunner: darting bass line, minimalist beat, buckets of paranoia. Mobb Deep‘s “Nightmares” achieves a similar effect but with different ingredients. Young Buck, who people like more than everyone else in G-Unit combined, clocks in with “My Hood.” Not all that great, but sonically different from everything else here and, therefore, refreshing.


    Hate It or Love It is too short overall. (Thirty-seven minutes? Must be a record.) But the focus and energy is dead on. The beef continues. Unfortunately.


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