Yo Majesty

    Futuristically Speaking: Never Be Afraid


    Determined to take hip-hop back for female MCs everywhere are Jewel B. and Shunda K, a.k.a. Yo Majesty, a Florida-based act that has been getting attention for some time thanks to some rather risqué stage performances and dirty rhymes. Topless performances and lesbian pride aside, Yo Majesty fearlessly mixes genres on its debut, Futuristically Speaking… Never Be Afraid. Southern hip-hop, crunk, breakbeat, grime and electro fuse throughout the album, elevating the project beyond its sexualized lyrics.

    Consistency is not Yo Majesty’s strong suit, and Futuristically suffers from an uneven and unfocused approach. Despite this there is plenty to enjoy here. The eclectic array of producers is the album’s greatest strength, with each track having a distinct flavor. Deekline and Ed Solo contribute a breakbeat anthem with “Don’t Let Go,” while Basement Jaxx add some manic electro thrills on “Booty Klap.” The girls really shine through on ubiquitous “Club Action” (best known in its remixed form via Stanton Warriors), a rowdy party jam that stays true to its name.


    Midway through the album plays with lighter, midtempo fare, but these ladies work best when they are proudly proclaiming their sexual appetites (“Hott”) and threatening to fight (“Fucked Up”). In the end, Yo Majesty is an exciting addition to the world of female MCs, joining the adventurous ranks of contemporaries like M.I.A., Santogold and Uffie.



    Artist: http://www.yomajesty.com 

    Audio: http://www.myspace.com/yomajesty4life