Plastic Little

    F.O.I.L. (I Rock) Seven-Inch


    Philadelphia has seen a nice little resurgence lately on the musical side of things, and the hip-hop group Plastic Little is one reason for that. The group, which features Jayson Musson, Kurte Hunte, Jon Folmar and Mike Stern, dropped this seven-inch hot on the heels of an EP for Warp. Mixing urban beats with punk-rock icing, the group’s sound on the F.O.I.L. (I Rock) seven-inch stands out, but it still goes down quite nicely.


    The group, which has ties to the Hollertronix crew, approaches “F.O.I.L. (I Rock)” from El-P’s or Dalek’s perspective, adding cacophonous beats to the mix. But B-side “Hola Plastique” is a much more sing-songy affair. It’s packed with enough pop-culture references to make Hal Sparks shit himself. With mentions of C3PO, Bill Clinton and Ron Jeremy, Plastic Little might not only end up sharing the stage with Hollertronix, but also as VH1’s house band.

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    – 2005

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