Fins to Make Us More Fish-like


    “Do something magical and disappear … ”


    That’s the opening line of “Pillars Were Hollow and Filled With Candy So We Tore Them Down” on the Liar’s new three-track EP, Fins to Make Us More Fish-like, a mini follow-up to their explosive debut, They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument On Top. And that aforementioned lyric snippet, my friends, perfectly describes what this Brooklyn-based art-rock outfit does: something magical, and after three songs, disappear.

    Anyone who’s been to their live shows are already familiar with the first two songs “Pillars … ” and “Everyday Is a Child with Teeth.” “Pillars … ” has catchy piano and drum beats that make you wanna hop like a kangaroo. Repetition is the key to this song, as lead singer Angus Andrew bounces out with stand-out lyrics like “Do something magical and disappear,” “Fins to make us more fish-like” and “Like a bird to a cat.” Andrew has always maintained that his lyrics mean only what you think they mean. They can be as random or as sincere as you want them to be.

    “Everyday … ” is rawer and harder, with heavier drum beats, high-pitched guitar distortions and Andrew screaming “Be like a boy, dress like a girl” at the top of his lungs. If I were hearing this in front of the stage, I’d be dancing in a frenzy.

    The third and final track on the EP, “Grown Men Don’t Fall in the River, Just Like That,” has a familiar title, but if you think this is the same song from their debut, you’re only half right. The lyrics and the music are the same, but the band changes up the tempo and the delivery of the lyrics. The song starts out hushed, with Andrew wearily mumbling the first few lines, “Everybody in his or her own life needs a hobby, fills the void that work and rent create,” and then the band starts chanting in a soft crescendo, “Can you hear us?” until they are screaming. Then the song explodes. And there ya have it.

    The EP tastes like the dessert to a satisfying meal, but it leaves me like a drooling child, craving for more.

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