Snow Patrol

    Final Straw


    Have you ever cringed with embarrassment because of somebody else’s actions? I have. These moments exist when the one who should be immersed is oblivious to their dickheadetry, and as a result projects what any rational human feeling of embarrassment they should feel onto those around them.

    Snow Patrol’s third full-length is called Final Straw, and I hope to heaven they’re true to their word. I felt nothing but embarrassment for this United Kingdom four-piece. Overcrowded with cheese-dick lyrics and self-conscious, false sentiment, Snow Patrol takes zero risks in achieving any sound that might have come close to original.

    On its Web site, the band — Gary Lightbody, who’s also the brains behind the United Kingdom “supergroup” the Reindeer Section, Mark McClelland and John Quinn — is quoted as saying some influences are the Pixies, Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine. These bands surfaced and ultimately prevailed by combining talent with innovation. Snow Patrol’s drab sound on Final Straw doesn’t exhibit a morsel of that.

    Snow Patrol may have the rest fooled, but with my pet bunny “Frankie” as my witness, they’re sure as shit not fooling this momma’s boy.

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