Fight! Fight! Fight!


    They asked for it, so here goes: Know how I know the members of Superdanger are nerds? First track on Fight! Fight! Fight! is called “Suicide Grrrlz” — and I’m pretty sure it’s about the actual Suicide Girls (…girls! girls!). And nerds love the Suicide Girls; that’s proven, G. The members of Superdanger are so nerdy, in fact, that the second track, “Robette,” is about some dude trying to come to terms with his robotic girlfriend — yet it’s not entirely clear that he’s speaking in metaphor. Song might actually be about a robot girl. I mean, that’s not likely, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility, either. ‘Scuse me while I cup my hands to my mouth … deep breath … Nerrrrrrrrrddsssssss!


    Whew, that was fun. Of course, like Bill O’Reilly railing against left-wing “smear merchants,” I’m obviously projecting here; I’m as big a nerd as you’ll ever find (rock critics are nerds, we like it that way — Christgau wrote that, remember?). So I guess I’m somehow predisposed to digging these guys. But I’m having a hard time finding room in my life for Yet Another Emo Band, their fabulous nerdiness notwithstanding. (“Emo,” by the way, is here defined the same way I’ve always defined it — “anything that sounds like Blink-182.”) This Twin Cities trio favors melodicism (i.e. hooks) over interesting/coherent lyrics, which is usually a strategy I champion — Relationship of Command, terrific album. But Superdanger run into problems with this tack: The members simply don’t have the musical chutzpah to pull it off (not to mention the just-plain chops to do so — drumming is noticeably subpar on “Donna” and “Johan,” which latter is inexcusably not about Twins lefty Johan Santana).


    It would be difficult, of course, for a power-pop/pop-punk trio to go through an entire album without stumbling across a catchy tune. Indeed, I count four good ones on Fight! Fight! Fight! “Like Trap” is the best thing on the album — plenty of musical chutzpah, with tune to spare. “Suicide Grrrlz” and “Robette” I already mentioned. And then there’s the last song on the CD, which, of all eleven songs here, sounds least like Blink-182. It sounds more like, well, a Superdanger song, I guess. It’s called “The Nerd.”


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