The Izzys

    Fast and Out of Control Wins the Race


    The Izzys’ self-released debut, Fast & Out of Control Wins the Race, bellows out guitar-heavy, blues-influenced rock. Sounding remarkably assured for a first recorded effort, at their best, the Izzys’ classic rock sound channels the Rolling Stones.


    On the generous 7-song EP, the New York-based band seems more interested in making s solid rock songs you can dance to than looking cool or sounding overly modern. While it’s exciting to hear such strong music, maybe what’s missing is the shock-of-the-new that makes so many of their less-good peers sound so compelling. There’s never a “this is really great and a little different than anything I’ve ever heard before” moment; just a lot of “this is really great” moments.

    Written by singer and guitar player Mike Storey, Jared Gutstadt and Jesse Korwin fill out the album on drums and bass, respectively. Tumbling guitar lines drive the rollicking “Dreaming,” while the singer howls: “Stopped in my tracks/ I keep running away/ and don’t stop to ask/ what the law has to say.” The country-infused ramble “Change Your Mind” provides a nice contrast to the rest of the album. The pace slows for the restrained “Blue & Gold,” with guitar lines that achingly burn down.

    The title Fast & Out of Control Wins the Race feels a bit like a misnomer. At least recorded, the band never reaches “out of control” fervor. The closest they come is the rock and roll bluster of “Velocity”: ” ‘Scuse me I was dreaming out loud/ I was traveling through time and space/ There must’ve been some accident/ How did I end up back in this place?” Still, they play so well, there’s promise here of many great records to come.

    – 2002

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