The Glimmers



    Last April, the Glimmers-Belgian deejays Benoelie and Mo, who’ve been slinging records together for more than two decades-released a well-received DJ Kicks mix. So it’s only natural that they participate in another prestigious and long-running deejay mix series, and they bring a kitchen-sink mentality to their twenty-one-track FabricLive compilation.



    Do you like indie-dance? You’ll enjoy such tracks as LCD Soundsystem’s “Disco Infiltrator” and a sexy remix of Sons and Daughters’ “Dance Me In.” Prefer dub reggae? You’ll appreciate the inclusion of Black Slate’s “Sticks Man,” which the Belgians have cleverly sandwiched within a reworked version of “Bad Man” by Urban Jungle. Fans of dorky ’80s pop will love the Human League’s “Things that Dreams Are Made Of” and the Glimmers’ own remix of Roxy Music’s “Same Old Scene.” Benoelie and Mo also include nasty synth-disco from Freez, old-school rap from Chris “The Glove” Taylor and funky vocal weirdness from George Kranz.


    On a technical level, the mix is assembled with considerable skill. The transitions are handled stylishly, and the tracks generally flow together elegantly. However, some of these tracks are sufficiently odd that on a dance floor they might inspire more head-scratching than ass-shaking. But this is hardly a flaw. On FabricLive.31, the Glimmers have delivered an eclectic and entertaining deejay mix. It may not have something for everyone, but it probably has something for everyone who listens to or cares about deejay mixes from European dance labels.






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