Rub N Tug

    Fabric 30


    It’s all here. Deejays and party maestros Thomas Bullock and Eric Duncan have culled another free-for-all of four-on-the-floor beats: loft-style kicks and snares; acidy processed thumps; that reverberating thud Metro Area made so ubiquitous. The track selection is expectedly eclectic: Jesse Rose’s meditative “Evening Standard” sets the stage for Curtis McClaine’s jumping-jack-inducing “Let’s Get Busy” before inducing another trance in Gary Martin’s “Turkish Tavern.”



    So, why isn’t it all that exceptional? Because the seventy-minute blend attempts what takes several hours to build. Instead, the dramatic opening, the explosive tease, the exasperating foreplay, the dance revolution, and the comedown skips and jerks more than rubs and tugs. While Fabric champions eclecticism, perhaps the duo can take a cue from the highlights of the on-disc series and explore one or a handful of themes.