Aaron LaCrate

    Exclusive Press Mix


    With the standard Baltimore club-banger recipe — the omnipresent well-tread drum break, somewhat threatening synth bursts or siren — deejays Debonair Samir and Aaron LaCrate yank Lily Allen’s “Smile” from its cushy chair in the blog love quarters and thrust it into the dank, drunken orgy atmosphere of the Gutter Remix. Alongside Unruly Records’ Scottie B. and DJ Low Budget, LaCrate is a capable co-conspirator in the ongoing B-more club surge, bringing the clapping drum-driven floor jams to an increasingly bigger spectrum of partygoers.


    The Exclusive Press Mix is unfortunately just that: an edited promo with only a handful of LaCrate’s re-workings and party-centered beat-downs. Sans the Alesha cut, it’s a convincing push for the promise of Koch Records’ long-delayed Baltimore Club Crack. Highlights here are potty-mouthed spots from Amanda Blank and an exclusive from Spank Rock called “Blow,” which was also featured on 2005’s lengthy Gutter Music mixtape from LaCrate and Hollertronix alum DJ Low Budget.


    In line with the B-more aesthetic, Miss Blank is non-stop chattering about her junk and offers the kind of details on “Super Freak” that Dennis Hastert would indefinitely ignore if she were an instant-messaging congressman. Remarkably quick though her tongue lashings are, her delivery is twice as irresistibly charged in a live context. But the most stinging inclusions here are the clipped vocal samples, keyboard buzzes, and cracking beats that render LaCrate & Samir’s version of “Smile” a necessary late-summer playlist jam. Allen’s “LDN” could use a shot of seriousness like this.



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