DJ Rhettmatic

    Exclusive Collection


    DJ Rhettmatic carefully cuts through a diverse array of A-Sides from the likes of Talib Kweli, Tony Touch, Geology and Dilated Peoples on Exclusive Collection. This collection is fostered by Up Above Records, which specifically commissioned the Beat Junkie himself for this outing. Though each act differs significantly here, Rhettmatic has little trouble bringing the album together as one simple system of distinct beats and crisp lyrical flow.


    Rhettmatic — West Coast DMC Champion, co-founder of the Visionaries crew and member of the Beat Junkies — establishes his scratch wizardry first and foremost with slick cuts over the dusty funk beat outro of a remix of the Beatnuts’ “Simple Murder” by fellow Visionary Key Kool. Rhettmatic moves into a clever turntablist interlude and backs up the beat over and over again before allowing it to morph into the cocky verses of Truth Enola and Dabo on Geology’s “Let Me.” Even if there were a Japanese-to-English dictionary nearby, it would take a hell of a lot of effort to decipher Dabo’s flow. He spits just as lazily as Enola, and presumably with just as smutty bravado: “Let me hit it from the back shortaaay / Let me hit it from the back shortaaay.”

    DJ Spinna takes a production turn for a brief detour into ex-Brand Nubian Sadat X’s “Exclusive Things.” This one’s a special addition to the mix CD and features rampant scratching over Sadat X’s stop/start testament to remaining who he is: “Super disco fakes / Fuck the money you make / But naah, scratch that, I would love to match that / But not at the price of selling my soul.” Calls back the sweet days of the Nubian and their sultry “Slow Down” hit from the days of yesteryear. Or the days of 1990, whichever.

    The scratch interludes are interspersed throughout and never grow redundant, as Rhettmatic regrettably doesn’t spend enough time on himself here. He should be showcasing more of his obvious skills, but he instead does a tasteful job of mixing everyone from Jay Dee to Jurassic 5, and even stopping off for a visit with Kool G. Rap and his WIFE, Ma Barker. That’s no typo.

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