The Six Parts Seven

    Everywhere and Right Here


    If sheer aural prettiness is your rock ‘n’ roll bottom line, have I got the album for you, Cheech. The music of the Six Parts Seven is thoroughly, unequivocally, ravishingly pretty: wafting guitarpeggios, gently rippling percussion, and everywhere glockenspiel, glockenspiel and more glockenspiel. No dissonance and certainly no vocals to intrude on the flowering loveliness of the 6P7’s compositions (sample titles: "Saving Words for Making Sense," "What You Love You Must Love Now," "Nightlong"). Just unabashed, unmolested beauty. Sigh.


    Of course, sheer aural prettiness is not my, your, or anyone’s rock ‘n’ roll bottom line (and your name ain’t Cheech, is it?). So what, exactly, is the point of Everywhere and Right Here? I finally figured it out after returning home from a two-day Atlantic City jaunt, during which I lost a lot of money and didn’t sleep: These pretentiously titled songs are actually lullabies in disguise.

    Soothing as your mama’s voice, Everywhere and Right Here is my new ambient piffle of choice. I know, I know. You’re young and you want to rock ‘n’ roll all night and party ev-er-ee day — I hear you, believe me. But the need for a visit to slumberland is inevitable (just like being outdrawn on the river when you’ve got trip jacks — I’m never playing poker again). And when that need arises, you’ll want Everywhere and Right Here and its dreamlike pink-giraffe cover art on hand to guide you there.

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