Amps for Christ

    Every Eleven Seconds


    Through the course of his eight previous studio albums under the Amps for Christ moniker, Henry Barnes has dug out a niche for himself by combining feedback-laced noise rock with traditional folk and ethnic melodies. The trend continues with Every Eleven Seconds, which may be the perfect soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic world, where context is meaningless and shrill feedback sits beside sitar strumming without irony.


    Lush, soothing, explosive, frightening: these are but a few of the words that describe the strangely beautiful amalgamation of sounds and styles collected here. Barnes escapes all attempts at categorization as he schizophrenically swerves from style to style. One minute you’re basking in the gentle glow of a mariachi tune; the next, you’re being bombarded by screeching, bombastic noise taken from a future doomsday. These polar extremes — and virtually everything else in between — are explored throughout a forty-odd-minute sonic journey around the world. Every Eleven Seconds tests your will, but those who pass are greatly rewarded.


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