Essential Sounds From the Far East


    Though the band has been active in the Tokyo scene for fifteen years, Essential Sounds From the Far East
    is DMBQ’s first American release. It’s no coincidence that Estrus timed
    it to correspond with the band’s U.S. tour. Live, DMBQ (Dynamite
    Masters Blues Quartet) is absolutely phenomenal, an over-the-top tour
    de force packed with impeccably executed rock-star maneuvers. The show
    culminates in a mind-blowing finale that features both the band and
    their instruments surfing through the crowd. Do not miss it.


    Unfortunately, Essential Sounds From the Far East doesn’t
    live up to that. Without accompanying visuals, these ten tracks of
    high-volume, high-end rawk chaos get monotonous and grating fairly
    quickly. There are highlights, to be sure, particularly the
    Zeppelin-esque “Mirror Baby” and the Sabbath-indebted “Nothing” (like
    many Japanese acts, the members of DMBQ wear their influences on their
    sleeves). But for those not already familiar with the band’s incredible
    live act, it may be hard to understand what the buzz is about.

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    “Smoker” mp3

    “Milk and Sugar” mp3


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