Error EP


    Atticus Ross, Nine Inch Nails collaborator and member of the ever-elusive Tapeworm, appears as the architect behind the ensemble of swirls, squiggles and drum-n-bass outbursts found on Error’s self-titled EP. Ross rounds this “electro-hardcore-punk” experiment out by enlisting a couple of notable players: Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz handles guitar while Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato adds frenzy to Gurewitz’s nihilistic lyrics.


    Yeah, sure, there are hints of Prodigy; and no, at times Error cops out and I don’t feel the disillusionment that the vocals insist upon. But seriously, not just any genre-fusing outfit can kick-out something like Al Jourgensen and Ian MacKaye’s furious “I Will Refuse” (fucking Pailhead rules!). That being said, Error‘s opening track rocks, with its exploding, percussive clatter, snarling guitars and adamant chorus: “Nothing’s working, nothing’s working, nothing’s working.” And let’s not lose sight: Cheers to anybody making aggressive music born out of frustration toward the “goateed guys angry at nothing.”

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