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Over the past 10 years, Eminem has grown increasingly paranoid and self-contemptuous; unfortunately, so have the rest of us. Think about why he became famous in the first place: skill and personality, yes, but also a willingness, perhaps a compulsion, to start shit. We watched, pleased by the outcome. It was joyous. But history flows, suburban teenagers get bored and clever, and whether it was old age or the Internet, Eminem’s brand of ephemeral snottiness has lost its patent. By now my little cousin could beef with Jessica Simpson -- provided URL availability and a few candid photographs -- and it’d probably be more interesting than “We Made You,” the first single off of Relapse and the only song I can think of that makes me nostalgic for Carson Daly, Fred Durst and rumors of celebrity fellatio.


That said, Relapse is not the ominous cloud that I imagined it would be. It’s a slickly produced rap album with moments of greatness and others of mild discomfort. Hearing Eminem wax about Kim Kardashian as he did about Britney Spears circa ‘99 pretty much just drives the point home that Kim Kardashian is not and will never be Britney Spears. And no one else will be either. And it doesn’t really matter, largely because the main event here is Eminem himself: his pathology and ping-pongy awareness of public image, personal space and celebrity culture.


Fittingly, the highest-profile tracks on Relapse are also the least satisfying. “Crack a Bottle,” the collaboration with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, is a serviceable pre-party anthem that will doubtless appeal to those who equate owning a pack of rubbers to the reality of getting laid. On “Bagpipes from Baghdad,” Shady lays into Mariah Carey, non-Western music, murder, and states of morbid discontent. Pay attention to the Auto-tune toward the end -- somebody’s been doing their homework. And “We Made You,” is, like I said, all wrong.


Things pick up when Eminem relinquishes the absurdo-famous brat posture and lets his subconscious steer the ship. Consider “My Mom” and its transparent conceit: “My mom loved Valium and lots of drugs/ That’s why I’m on what I’m on 'cause I’m my mom.” Or “Same Song & Dance,” which is about a famous rapper who rapes hitchhikers. It doesn’t take a Viennese doctor to recognize something is amiss. Elsewhere: NAMBLA-style shed sex, pills that aren’t sold over the counter, Christopher Reeves, nightmares, quack doctors, surly businessmen, unprompted homophobia, and memory lane with Dr. Dre and a sack of chronic. It’s a veritable mess and, in a respect, a saving grace for Eminem, our Mischievous Hero. He really is more fucked up than anyone else I know, or at least more articulately so. Moms unite.


As for style, impact, and actual musical content, Relapse gets a little tricky. Most of the beats are of the bouncing-ball variety, and more than a few times Eminem affects a weird faux-Caribbean cadence. The production is ultra-clean and the lyrics are delivered with a precision that is not to be scoffed at. But mostly what lasts is the self-pity and anger, which is at least enough to warrant our attention.


And for all the cartoonish excess, Eminem is not one to shy from the truth, at least as he sees it. Take, for instance, the end of “Beautiful,” a slightly maudlin late-album track. After a digitally processed rocker intro and an emo-ish confessional about the pitfalls of fame, he proclaims, “Be yourself, man. Be proud of who you are. Even if it sounds corny, never let no on tell you you ain’t beautiful.” I am inclined to agree with him, and after listening to over an hour of sexual hallucinations and 12-step psychology, you should be, too.

  • Dr. West (Skit)
  • 3am
  • My Mom
  • Insane
  • Bagpipes From Baghdad
  • Hello
  • Tonya (Skit)
  • Same Song & Dance
  • We Made You
  • Medicine Ball
  • Paul (Skit)
  • Stay Wide Awake
  • Old Time’s Sake f. Dr. Dre
  • Must Be The Ganja
  • Mr. Mathers
  • Deja Vu
  • Beautiful
  • Crack A Bottle f. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent
  • Steve Berman (Skit)
  • Underground/Ken Kaniff

After his 2004 album, Encore , Eminem went on a self-imposed hiatus, popping up in gossip columns  reporting his imminent demise, his slide into obesity , and his supposed retirement from hip-hop. In October 2008, however, Eminem put the retirement reports to bed: he announced on his Sirius Satellite Radio channel, Shade 45, that he was working on a new album, titled Relapse , and promised it would be out in 2009. Eminem celebrated the announcement by releasing a freestyle, " I'm Having a Relapse ."


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Tindersticks - The Hungry Saw Run On Sentence Oh When the Wind Comes Down

your date is wrong it comes out at the end of december


yes yes he cummin bk thank god... ive waited for this for 4 years... =] eminem ya wicked plz don't leave us again....I Cried for ages cuz i new you were goin to go.. but hey ur cummin bk


you fukin gawjus and thts at we need to see on t.v and we need ur just the bom haha...

i fukin love you babyiie :)



Leanne Natalie <3

Im pretty sure you mean dec 29, 2008


It was scheduled for December, but has been pushed back to next year.


now it's due sometime (spring likely) in '09-

mal, mnn

no it is february

Eminem Relaspse

eminem fan

We put the release date out to December 2009 until we get a more definitive date.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

you guys are stupid crying over him leaving how many songs did he say it in since he started and guess what he still here this man is a FUC*ING genious and noone who is alive now or alive 30 years from now they will never take his place hes just the god of rap

bigger eminem fan then all

Thank u jesus Em is back no more weezy..haha f u weezy Ems back to claim his thrown..All i have to say is Detox and Relapse are gonna rape The Carter 3 all u weezy fans need to buy detox and relapse when it comes out and check and see how hot that sh*t is! stay kill em


f all of u weezy fans em is back and theres nothing that can stop him

g man

i waaaant ur album right noww ! som 1 help me !


Eminem najlepszy:D:D


eminem rocks


guess who is back back again shady is tell a friend that rrelapse is gona crush any thing in the rod


i like slims rapping a lot but some of you yanks are lame ha ha hes not a facking god


Eminem is King of rap. 2pac is God of Rap. Lil Wayne is Poop of Rap. I think Eminem should feature Kanye West in this album. That'll be amazing.


I dunno how good this album is really gonna be. His best material comes from controversy, i.e. he has something to say. This is why "Encore" was just decent: he had nothing left to say. Since he hasn't had too many major controversies (if any at all) I can't imagine that hasn't changed, even if it's been 4+ years.

Steve L

Steve L your stupid. Please don't write anything else. Eminem lost his best friend (Proof) in a night club. He got married again to Kim and divorced her in three months. He retired and is coming back. You know what your right! He probably doesn't have anything to talk about at all.

Jordan Highfill

the one called 'em' who posted on nov. 15, the date isnt wrong. they moved it, cause em was afraid and thought it wouldnt be ready. so he delayed it.


Rap slacked since ems backed down, he needs to come back and g the world of rap back up. and i beleave he will just do that. COME ON EM!!!!!

Guess whos back!!

i'm sorry but if anybody have the link of cd from eminem can send me to....


eminem is the best thing to ever happen to rap. he is the most lyrical rapper in histry.


Fu**ckin can't wait, soo stoked. but i wish Andrew Winistorfer
would learn what a freestyle is

"Eminem celebrated the announcement by releasing a freestyle, "I'm Having A Relapse.""

it aint a freestyle if it aint off the top and "I am Having a Relapse" isnt a Freestyle.
anyways small but i thought it needed to be said.

by the way is that release date definite? i thought i heard Eminem say on an interview say early 2009 ?


so excited bout the new album
&weezy never even came close to taken the throne from eminem
eminem is the best wether hes puttin out tracks or not


yea slims back thank god!!! im sick of lil faggots rapping about random stuf its not that hard to freestyle about stuff that probally never happened, slim raps about life and that is much harder then talkin bout bangin hos and killin bitches


i dont understand why you are all getting crazy. like he said, he dont give a f*ck whos buying this sh*t, hes dying to quit. so writing how much you missed him most likely doesnt phase him. get real people.


New album relapste releases in early quarter of 2009 end of story



dude i need this fluckin album now!!!!


bout damn time he's comming bak!!!! RIP PROOF


first it was dec 23 then dec 18 now after 09 ? wtf?


its in his genes, to wear those jeans, eat those beans, and that just means, he can take the queens, into the greens, and f**** em even if they are teens......he can do anything,,cus the slim shady is the rap king....and king does what he likes....em is awesome!!!lov u em , i m not a gay,dont worry...


cant wait for new album he is a fkin lyricl ginnuss wt iz th real date

robert falloon

this is all nasty.


yo you puttin out this new album now means that dre has to wait for your dumbass


vive eminem et the best of hip hop et rap c est EMINEM.

slim shady

Anyone got the play list for the album.
Cant seem to find it anyway place.grrr


Right on. About time the King returned....I heard it was originally going to be called "King Mathers" instead of "relapse." I can see why....he is without a doubt the best lyricist EVER.....hands was making me sick seeing little wayne caliming he was the king of rap, blah, blah, blah, etc. and all I could think was, ha, had Em will smoke your ass just wait.....and now......behold....:)

Explicit Style

slim shady u rock dawg u need to bring out this cd now stop being a coward


f* lil wayne tring to clam that hes rap king... he was just the destraction so Em can get ready to blow EVERYONE out the water... i love Em, I cried for him to come back, and now that hes back, aint no one gunna be better then him...
As for him not having anything to say and this album not being that good, U STUPID!!! Ems been thruogh a lot of sh*, alot of which could kill a man, but Ems coming out strong just like always...
People keep hating saying that he dont care if we listenin or not he wants to quit, if thats true then why is he back?!?!? i love this man, ive never stoped listenin to him and now that hes back, hes better then ever!!!!!!

alice in the making

i cant wait for his album asap


Why's evry1 dissin lil' wayne... y can't u just enjoy both of their albums... Wayne and eminem are both great rapmakers so just give it a rest


I was so sad when eminem was leaving.Im so glad hes BACK!!Now when is his CD really coming out? Now Im hearing it might be this summer.You would think the stores would know the right date.Im sure his new CD is going to blow everyone away! He will always be on top!!Hes the BEST!!Just cant wait 4 his album...

Rachy Rae

We missed U Eminem!!!Cant wait for your CD!!!

lil jay

Cant wait for eminem new album.Sure hes coming back stronger then ever!Cant wait to c what he has to say this time.I love his music!


December of 2009!! I thought it was supposed to come out December of *2008*! Why such a long delay????


Ok!Deceember 2009!!!!! WTF.This isnt right to do to true Eminem fans.We should know when the CD is coming out.In stead of being lied too and hearing different stories.

Rachy Rae

When em comes back things gonna be jacked up cause weezy's gonna be jealous then tha carter IV's gonna come out and em's gonna be jealous its gonna be a situation like with tupac and biggie only 10 years later and this time its gonna be norh and south instead of east and west.


Can't wait for the new album, I think they just keep pushing it back to create more buzz. But they don't need to, it will fly off the shelves. And to fool's Em will never be jealous of weezy. Weezy is good but both TI and Ludacris are better in the south.


I Dont think EM Jealous of no-one.I do believe a war will start between EM and Weezy but, it will be about what they say about eachother.More about HATE>TI,WEEZY,LUDACRIS,and of course,EM are all Great rapppers.SO stop the BS!!!!


This is for "fool,s!!"EM is never jealous of anyone!!!He just enjoys what he does "MAKING MUSIC" I can see something may happen like biggie and Tupac but, we never really no when or who?As for anyone being jealous,ITS EM they R all JEALOUS of.They wished he left for good.GUESS WHAT?HES BACK!!!TI AND LUDACRIS R BETTER THEN WEEZY BY THE WAY..


em better fckin nail this album


Ti is a bitch luda is tight em is the best but you gotta respect waynes style. Neither em nor weezy can be replicated which is why theyre both sick. Ever wonder why Wayne can get away with anything? Cuz hes Wayne.. Same with em.. Theyre both pioneers and gods of the game. Face it


Walmart has listed a release date for March 21


I got scared when I saw the release date 4 Dec 09. Thanks 4 clearing that up 4 me BMS. I hope the release date get moved forward closer to my birthday! It should come out on March 7th:-) I can't wait to see new pics of Em I bet he's ripped:-)


YO! I heard that too about march 21 at walmart but,that will be the edited one,IM sure.WEEZY nad EM are both great rappers.Im just in love wit EM.He so HOT!!!!!!


yo! im telling you first, was november, then early december, then december 18 then december the 29th , then early 09' then February now march 21st. I really cant wait for this album i mean I want to see a video of one of the new songs on BET and all over MTV all music channels and see his first song be number 1, i think lil wayne is ok but it's eminem's time , and i believe this album coming out in march is a good idea cuz of spring is coming up and he's gonna be popping for the summer when every body gets crazyy.. just people let us know couple name of sonqz that are coming out in this album


Lilwayne is great but doesnt have the emotional depth to ever be as good as our guy marshall! Quit bitchn about the release date and jus buy it when it gets here!


This album fixen ta sky rocket 2 the top of the chart his last album encore was only a lil off because eminem had his own personal stuff going but now he gonna have more fire to spit sence he lost his right hand man RIP BIG PROOF 4EVER Em z gonna get everyone in shock because his older style back and he has the power in him to spit a long shot em ur the stit bro.


the scheduled release date is late march, i cant wait


tha big dawg of rap game is back!!!!!!!!! hollllllllla!


eminem's album relapse is coming out 23 march 2009


yo my man eminem coming back with his best fukin rymes hell yeah mudafuka!!!!!!!!!


slim shady is back. f*ck ya about time. glad your back em. show thoose bitches how its done


Em stop being such a perfectionist and release the damn album your being gay

startin to get pissed

Stop your bitching. You think em is gunna come to tthis random ass post and see your comment realizing he needs to release it? NO. So sthu.

shut tahel up

i love his song and i admire his charateristc. god made such an owesome man ....


These niggaz are swingin from his nutz like there jungle vines GET OFF THE MANS NUTZ


Dropp'en each March, with a brand new CD for these Fuk'n retards.....
March 23rd 09' would be good. Its been a hot minute.
Startin to get pissed.....That ish cracks me up.haaaaaaa
Read'n all these crak feenz and then lastly read'n ur post..just crakd me up.

I cant wait to bump this ish for another 5yrs, when he kick'n fortys door down. And still slamm'n these wack ass rappers.

Bring it 2 them EM!
We are waiting for ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yo guys im back check out my "imhaving a relapse" track and im back for good with the relapse

so still stuned for




i wish eminem would make an album smashing lil wayne and all the retardacon fakes that would be a basher


OMFG Em's A fckn legend tha sooner he cmes bck tha better! bt i could wait forever for him! i fckn love him ta pieces!!!!! I hpe he releases his album in march! i love you Em!!!!!!



Are you 10 years old?
You should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourself if not.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat



Eminem = sex.

When does the new album come out exactly?! Because I've heard that it comes out today, and now I'm hearing it doesn't come out for another two weeks....?


In official site write that premiere of Relapse will be 18.05.2009. Or have I wrong info? Check it:


Relapse album to be release early May 2009


all of u who thought it was march 21st , Relapse to be release 05/18/2009 f--k it man i wont even think bout eminem until then cuz too many dates and none of them r real


relaps3 may 19th


finally he is going 2 blow lil f**kin wayne out of hollywood , he shood make a song with T.I. that'b sick .... hey kids want me 2 release a new album called relapse *yayaya*


well "relapse" will be his last album say bye bye to eminem and same as 50 cent, 50 cent's new album is called "before i self destruct'.....that wud be there last solo album and they are commin for a retirement and will not make anymore albums.......thatz the latest news i heard....=) the way 50 cents last solo album will be out this march and eminem's last solo album will be on its kinda obvious there commin for a retirement...=) just 2 let u know and defining there album title is definitely they will retired....


thats the right date, he`s got 2 comeing out, the second one comes out the later half of this year but the first one does come out the 19 of may, he is so great an extreamly sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE NEEDS TO COME IN CONCERT AN IN DALLAS TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I sucked Eminem's ***** and i'm a guy. played with his balls too.

king kong the wonder

Im a big fan of m&m but,I am so sick of them changing the dates.Im about to just forget about him until I hear it on the radio or see a video.I hope Em and 50 don't retire. Em just is gettig started again.guess,well see when and what happens!It is what is!Til then,Im not even worried bout when relapse comes out. Very dissappointed!!!!

lil mama

Dude way too much peps talkin bout nothing... Cant wait for the Album. Whenever it come out!!!


eminem is da single best rapper in da world dis album is gunna b sick


Lol Lil Wayne is Great? Hes garbage and he sounds like a bitch... if anything broke out between them it would be murder... And i believe 50 Cent has a record ripping Waynes queer asscalled Part Time Lover... soo be aware of that beef... Eminem is the greatest Tupac is his icon so that puts him up there as well... But any southern rapper should never be mentioned in the lines of greatness when it comes to rap for the simple fact that they have a f***in club-beat style... if u say Wayne is great u must think Soulja Boy is too... and sadly ppl do listen to their garbage but separating Fact from Fiction Eminem is the greatest and Lil wayne is no more than a wannabe bitch who makes songs about absolutely nothin! Just cuz he sells records doesnt mean hes anything special ppl listen to anything nowadays... as long as it can be played in a club or have sum retarded ass dance to it ppl will like it...


Ya'll Got It Wrong, It Comes Out May 15th


Eminem is the best!
Hands Down.
Rip Proof.

Banks Boy.

no they were's may's on his own site for god's


Em Rules ..& that's the whole for Em & D12 from Serbia....R.I.P. Proof...

S - Flame

everyone that hates on weezy on dis page is wack u guys is hating cus ur boi left u and dissed u for 4 plus years and ur rite some of weezys sh*t aint good but thats cus hes a freestyle mixtape rapper ems a cd rapper and soulja boy is a ringtone rapper (soulja boy is worst rapper ever) so dont be hating cus aint nobody stepped up to weezy yet and honestly Cassidy puts EVERY RAPPER to shame who else can battle themself on a track?


eminem rips lil wayne dont get me wrong he is OK but eminem is known for his gift of freestyling no ones better cant wait for his new album


cassidy would have never battled himself on a track or came up with an alter ego cassidy the problem and cassidy the hustler if it weren't for people like eminem. eminem was the first to have an alter ego.. slim shady and marshall mathers.. he wanted them to be 2 different personalities,, cassidy would have never thought of it if it wasnt for eminem.. now every one does.. ti and tip.. wayne and weezy.. eminem was the first

your an idiot

Eminem rocks always has always will! he aint scared of release to this albulm or any other short sh*t wanna be rappers that have been around five minuites.. Its about time The Real Slim Shady has stood up and probably only coz the crap he heres from every1 else at the mo was sending him insane whilst he was trying to retire quitely! This albulm will just put every1 back in there little places so they can sit back and watch how it shud be


Eminem is the best rapper alive and always will be


eminem is mint and by the way the release date for his CD is between the 18th and the 28th of may this year apparently it will deffo be cioming out inbetween thos dates
and eminem is awsum and always will be

staycee lea

does anybody knows when a music video will come out? like on tv?


Eminem is releaseing relapse may 2009 and relapse 2 later this year nov/demcember time, due to so much material hehas made hes treating his fans..and releasing 2 albums in one year..kinda does make up for the 4 year gap...
the music video is set to come out in next few weeks for crack a bottle..and its ment to be AMAZING!!:)
I JUS HOPE ENT eminem hasnt fell of and he uses all his events i.e proof dying, divorce, addiction to sleeping release sum raw harcore rap songs eva made ..period.


big hell yeah i love him!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha so does mi dad!


THE CHAMP IS HERE!!! EM is the nastiest MC of all time... i don't care what ANYBODY says,the only rapper to sell more records is PAC but lyrically you can't touch and learn lil weezy and all you fake ass rappers. Em will be the greatest UNTIL my boy SHYNE gets out of jail.


Yay finally Eminem is back!!! time to bury lame-a$$ weezy... he's past his expiration date...


Shaaaady, you were going good untill you said that shyne comment. Lets get them shady!!!


its coming out may 19th

u know

some of you guys take things way too seriously.

Jesse Gurgles

i think em should say f_ck g-uNOT and drop 50 and the rest of them bitches, and sign the game because em, the game, dre, and snoop would have of the rest of the rappers in the rap game comitting suicide because there would be no competing with them. in my oppinion the game is the best artist in the game right now until Ems new album comes out then it will be Em back on top

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif tilsonator

I wish the game and g-unit didnt have beef because i think em and the game would make a pretty bad ass combo, i think em should drop 50 and the rest of g-uNOT lol and sign the game. Because em, dre, snoop, and game would be a deadly combo the rest of the rap game would be shakin in their nikes

My oppionion matters lmao :)

eminem im glad hes back for making more music im tired of hearing annoying lil wayne he's corny as far as shady keep the cd's coming
already got mines preordered may 19th the release can';t wait


Oh my, Eminem you have gone so far down hill.
You sound like all the lame wanna be bands.

Not Suprised

yea alright the king is back the sooner he is back the sooner all these other artist can leave get them em show them wats up cant wait till that album comes out i will be waiting EMINEM FOR LIFE 313


Ima huge fan, was gutted he retired (but ffs those of u hu cried urself 2 sleep get a grip)
havin heard a couple of songs tho frm relapse i fink ima b sorely disappointed by this album... its v commercial n doesnt snd lyk anythin he used 2 stand 4 tbh.
o well nevamind...


OMG i love eminem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


eminem killin it dawg!


Back by popular demand
Now pop a little zantack or ant'-acid if you can
You're ready to tackle any task that is at hand
How does it feel, is it fantastic, is it grand?
Well look at all the massive masses in the stands
Shady man… no don’t massacre the fans
Damn, I think Kim Kardashians a man
She stomped him just cause he asked to put his hands
On her massive glutious maximus again
Squeeze it, then Squish it, then pass it to her friend
Can he come back as nasty as he can
Yes he can,can, don’t ask me this again
He does not mean to lesbian offend
But Lindsay please come back to seeing men
Samantha’s a 2, You're practically a 10
I know you want me girl,
In fact I see your grin - now come in girl


wow you people are juss full of hate arent ya juss enjoy the music instead of haten on it

its me

you guys are still callin him weezy so you must still like him. listen up ever since the death of proof em has done his thing and gotten back in the studio for his homie. lil wayne and bridman and all those back pack bulls**t rappers cant compare. em and nas, 50, d12, lupe, busta rhymes, TI (when he gets out), and many many more need to get together and throw some s**t down like a giant freestyle. eminem can go for 3 minutes about so hard s**t. noone i know of can do that. he is ill. so put you s**t away and pack up and go home cause eminem the LEGEND is back to sieze up the thrown of detroit, to live up to the expectations of proof on his mind.

Nick Bruce perry iowa

Biggie,2pac,Nas,Jay-Z,Dr.Dre,Eminen and my homeboy from my boro BIG PUNISHER IN THAT ORDER ALL OTHER RECENT RAP SINCE THAT ERA ENDED SUKS BALLS and GOES IN THE I DONT GIVE A F'N SH%$T/COUNTRY MUSIC FILE which is similar to say your TRASHBIN folder on your pcs. NOW CAN EVERYONE STFU! shadys back UP IN SMOKE ROLLS THROUGH AGAIN ITS ON NY/NJ AREA !!!fyi saw WE MADE U VIDEO i always said Brett Michaels was bald under that bandana LMAO

Tribe Called Quest

EM is a amazing rap star and no one will do what he has done, his music is unbelievable what he does with just words. Glad to here your back, im sick of listening to wack garbage rap, Em is the true meaning of rap he is my true idol!!!!!!!!!!!111


finally. em comin back. tired of hearin lil wayne everywhere. best rapper alive.. pssh. Em come on.. put that bitch in his place!


yea what kjay and ixksexi said.


love you em you are the bbbbbbbbest!you are the king!

marshall mathers

now that kanye west has gone all techno singing
is there any rappers that rap about real things
instead of about.. well girls and lollypops.

gymclass heroes kind of
and flobots had one good song
but nobody mainstream
and no

Craig McDonagh




johnny i have it big

thank u rap god (2pac) for bringing slim back the age of rapping about dances(soulja boy ) and all hook and beat songs are gone yay i think if die this year id have no regret all we need now is busta to go back to his roots and also dig up big puns grave and turn his ass into a zombie


I cant wait for eminem to kam back his been gone for too long,love him.or slim I missd you so much may 19 here he comes.


1. Jay-Z, 2. T.I., 3. Eminem, 4. Wayne



You got it all wrong!!

where can i get eminem relapse


Well that's 13 new songs that are potentially good, becuz the 3 singles are embarrassing


its out on may 19th its on his official site

kelly do like me..and go buy 3..with no ID


iv got it already!!!!!!!!


i have a new album. IT IS VERY GOOD


All I can say is........This new album goes hard. Make sure you go and get this!


U Muthas ready for this! This shtz gonna be bigger then ever. Slims gonna knock weezy's f*ckin lung loose.


read this theory ima have to agree with them also eminem got a trick up his shirt if dre cd don't leak eminem wont either


epic masterpiece of music, i love this album, it rocks


Quick, hip-hops about to flat-line,
get shady in here to bust a couple rhymes,
just in time! this CD Relapse,
its 20 times better then his last,
way past the level of whats out now,
talk about a money cash cow,
he can s*** on the mic and produce million dollar sounds,
...especially with Dre in the background,

buy the album. its great. seriously. support hip-hop.


i love eminem he is my fav. rapper i cant wait till the cd comes out


Ems new sh*t is wack..hes long fell off his throne and cant get back up constantly using people like dre and 50 as a crutch. Repetive lyrics is all that hes become, we know u hate kim and your mom and the rest of the world..i just wanna hear originallity, not the same sh*t from your first album. His last 2 cds were garbage, this one is even worse...more than half his songs he has a jamacian accent, cause thats real, all white people from detroit have jamacian accents..give it up Em your through, Weezy will murder you period.

Weezy yall

Yeah the album was really good considering the singles were wack.

@ Weezy Yall- Dude are you kidding? The Carter 3 was a good album but it is not close to Relapse. Wayne talks about bein all gangsta and sh!t he was rich at the age of 17. How is he so original i would like to know? Are u telling me rapping about shawty in da club and lollipop is more innovative than Relapse which is a great conceptual album?
Even wayne knows he can mess with shady he said it in an interview go look it up.

Very good album

This album is not so good... he has lost it and his "like" appeal!... his first single he releases is always a comedy/fun song but "We Made You" is neither of them! it is not funny nor catchy at all! especially using a silly accent on half the album which puts you off the album. apart from that the rest of the album is pretty cack too... most of his songs are rapping about him on drugs (which it is) but it is so bad it actually make no sense whatsoever... Em, why do we wanna hear your thoughts going inside your head while on the drugs!?!? its garbage... apart from that the only good songs on this album are "Beautiful" and "Underground" these 2 songs are worthy to be on his list best - uncoincidentally these are the only songs he is not rapping about REAL things which makes them good and you can relate too. i hope Relapse 2 is not the same as all these Drugged up weird songs as they suck ass. Eminem fans dont be biased rate him accordingly and if you do you will rate him easily 3/5 or below on this album you need him to see this s**t and encourage him to make a new album about Real s**t and take off that dumbass accent!!


u idiots no that em is a industry industry creation...big...that's right...the game...uh huh...all these pwned azz rappers...they all being pimp'd by wall street foolz...the underground is the reelz!

burn all that radio rap bullshtz...get the real shtz nicca!

P.E....dead prez...immortal technique...nyoil...LOTP...reel hip hop is your homework!

em is a media creation

lol.. if you were a true eminem fan... you'd know this is infinite/slimshady lp type shiit goin on... thats his original shiit he rapped on... relapse 2 is going to be eminem... and you LYRCIALLY think lil wayne would fuk eminem up??!!? are you fukin nuts?!?!

"you ever had your cap peeled back or your shiit pushed in
Ill put my blade in you like a fuking pin cushion
slice your ear clear off, Smirnoff and Henn dogg
I'll show you how to kill a fuking man like Sen Dog
Nobody told you that I'm loco ese?
I lack every sane chemical in my membrane
I'm slim sha...dy and the "d" is for deez nuts
and you can get each one for free so feast up
I pee in a cup for three months, I'm having an E party for Easter please come

you are a fool

Im tired of all you dudes who think they know hip hop. WEEZY IS NOT HIP HOP. He is a mainstream artist that makes music that everyone likes.


he got at least four good songs on there, Underground, which is arguably the best song on there, Medicine Ball, DeJa Vu,and Beautiful, the rest of the songs blows balls because he talks about the same sh*t, drugs mostly, oh and crack in a bottle if u count that.

its pretty good

This album sucks and I am an eminem fan.
Weezy is a b*tch


Haha MY MOM LIKES VALIUMS!!! is prolly the best song on the album hands down, i understand that he has talked about his ma forever in the past but nothin that he says in this song has been sayd about his ma before, is messed up....imagine ur ma crushin up Valiums and puttin em in ur potatoes!!


hell yeah the white boy from DETROIT is back... no more lil wayne the


eminem is da give it a rest.. wat u want me to confess.. that im a girl with a huge im ur sister dont be incest.. his name is eminem.. some bitches think he is feminine.. i saw him belt some guys there were ten of them..

sick dawg

I'm coming for you Em! (gasp) Back From The Graaaaaaaaave (gasp) You Arshole (gasp)
Damn, I need a (gasp) diaper change (gasp)

Christopher Reeves

Lil Wayne sucks ass because of one reason, and yes I'm goiing to single out a whole culture here - 98% of hip hoop culture thinks they are ahead of the ball. THEY ARE NOT! The whole robot infused singing voice bull ish that they are popping off is lame and played out. "Played Out?" you ask yourself ... yeah if ya donty know let me school ya to the simple fact that Eiffel 65 way back in the year 1999 or 2000 did a song called 'Blue'. It was off the album Europop (im sure Europeans probably know all this especially the brits but i m helping my fellow americans along here). Every track on that cd did the robot voice. In that era of psy-trance pop groups, it was completely over used. Guess what? Now hip hop is doing it because they feel its new and fresh. Wrong. If you delve into that idea further you ll also see that as much as hip hop disses 'techno' as a whole they use it constantly in their music. Take Stronger by Kanye West for example; stems from a Daft Punk track called Harder Better Faster Stronger. Also, the last couple Timbaland singles? no? they didn t sound like progressinve trance to you? then you need to be schooled.
Going back to the top - I say I'll single out a culture here and people are gonna hate but here it is in simple truth: Isaid 98% of hip hop is behind the ball because 98% of hip hop is black; 2% white; I've never heard a white rapper use that stupid played out lamed up not G robot voice ever.
On Relapse, you hear it one time and its Em making fun of it which only confirmed my preconceived thought that its completely foolish and just shows that hip hop has slipped and needs a white lyrical genius (sorry Nas I know you're a genius but ur slippin hangin out wiht jeezy com on) to take the rheins and steer the whole culture back into the right direction.

take what you want and leave the rest

Go Em.


well well the album is out n it turns out it pretty dam gd!!!


em rules all, the king is back

hater hater

Wow RainMan. That was pretty racist.


What sap YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA my houme eminem Vatos locos ese real mexican forever

Shady 06

This record is way better than I expected.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Em is back thank god. Soulja boy is the poop stain that you can never get out of your draws U have to destroy those draws


classic shady gotta love it!


I love Em, no homo.
But don't diss Wayne because I bet over half of you were shatting your pants over Tha Carter III and now you're just saying he sucks because you're trying to fit in by dick riding everybody else.
Hop off they jock and have your own opinion.


where's the review?


I Love Eminem


In my opinion , eminem will NEVER ever be as good as he was the first years when Infinite released , that sh!t was just wicked mad , best lyrically rap songs ive ever heard of.

However , comparing lil wayne to Eminem , is ridicilous .. come on guys . Eminem is and allways will be on a whole other class then wayne.


i agreeeeee with jake

eminem - 4 ever in my heart


all u hype cuz eminem ain't da great he always talking about his life and sh*t but his songs r kinda good also i think 2 pac is ganna come back cuz eminem came back maybe he wood come back ?????

devil kid

devil...whats wrong with eminem actually spiting lines about his real life issues? if u ask me i think thats what defines him fron the rest of the hip-hop culture. I mean dont get me wrong nothing was as raw as his first albums but he is still a great lyrical artist if u ask me. Just the fact that before Eminem even hit the stream line he told his d12 crew that he would go platinum to get them a record deal. Sure enough he went far behond platinum and got them a record deal. For someone to call that out and put it in motion says alot about them.


best rapper alive! period


omg this album is just wicked!!! love 3 AM

eminem ...

Devil Kid is a dumbass. Pac is DEAD get over it moron


song beutiful is Phat the lyrical syco is back and the reign of Bush is dead to speak and be heard the new generation is now ere time 2 evolve f__k u gordan brown, f__k u obama, f__k u queen elizibeth, its time 2 celebrate anova king-president-prime minister-_GOD_

PS who heard on KISS FM in britain norfolk eminem 1 whole hour



oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for the new album to come out!!!!!!! i love you eminem!!!:)


cant wait 4 the new album


eminem is back , em is back to claim the crown. p.s. relapsed is the best Damn album to ever come out in history of albums

em is back

love your stuff i have every album keep coming with more



/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

best rap album of the year, you wrote amazing stuff, raw and real,


this album is ******** amazing it is so crazy i love it


hahaah he only sold 600k, carter made 1.6mill hahah f eminem bitch ass

he sucks

Len did the robot voice RainMan.


Listen to this. everyone who thinks eminem is over and done with, hes not, this is the just the beginning, he had his problems and how hes admitting them in the ways hes best at. funny raps and actually adding humor to his troubled life, what kind of person do you know who admits their wosrt probelms in life and can laugh about it and basically put it all behind him. his rhymes are ubelievable he can take everyday common words and put them all together in a storylike form. i have a proposition for peple who think hes lost it, sit down and actually listen to what hes saying(literal sarcasticnes and lyrical meanings). thats what you need to listen to. if you know rap, and i mean real rap not the rap about bitches and hoes, but the rap about peoples feelings and thoughts. thats the difference between legends and people today. think about it hes a genieus


this is his best album... the eminem show is a close second, but this takes it. aside from the annoying voice he uses, the lyrics in all of these songs are sick and so are the beats. Beautiful, bagpipes from baghdad, and 3am are three of the best rap songs i've ever heard.


Why isnt the song I am having a relapse on the Album, I reckon it will be on the december release, anyone knows anything ..?


i love you em......
yah actually i do!!!!!!!


The reason it is/was not is because it was a freestyle he did on Sirus.

Where did you get confirmation that the second Eminem Relaose is coming out december.

I just checked it wasnt on there


i luv beautiful from the album its such a gurd song i luv it x


i luv shady.can u take with u.i 2 wanna bcum a rapper like u.


WOW. nah good album ey finding it very very interseting love listenning to it never got into you as much as i do now . LOVE YOU EMINEM


Welcome Back Em.
It's about damn time.
I get tired of hearing all this sh*t that Weezy is coming to take his place. Sorry but em is the king of rap, the only one above him is 2Pac. No one can take his thrown. He could go 20 years without a single and hed still be king!


i frucking love eminem. seriously! hes like the king of rapp. im so glad hes coming back. i used to listen to him when i was younger. i'm just gld hes back and i hope he doesnt leave anytime soon! hes aawesome and i love all of his songs. I LOVE YOU MARSHELL!( i hope i spelled that right) anyway i love eminems music hes a good song writer and he should stick around in the music company for as long as he can. because i love his music and i know many of you do too! even when he leaves i'mglad he was actually famous bc i love him music!


YESSS!! i'VE ALSO waited F0REVER for Em to come back!!! IM SOOOOO EXCITED he put out a new cd! Soo excited to listen to all the songs! He is most definitely THEEE SEXXXXiEST!! ... hahaha and whoever said F weezy.. Em came back to claim his thrown DAAAMMNNN RiGHT!!! i like weezy but I LOVE EMINEM WAYYYYY BEETTTAAAAA! you go marshall :D


his lyrics just blow me. he's a master at this. i'm just glad he's back. and with an amazing cd:]

/site_media/uploads/images/users/cali0hustlin/itsme3.jpg cali0hustlin

He blew me once too. He's not a very compassionate lover, though.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

why dont he squash this beef with icp and run a cd feturing them come on i would have alott more respect for him and his jams

john frier

this album is the best

when you come to portugal??


awesome album!
got to listen to it a few times.. The lyrics take a few times to appreciate.

5 Stars em- I was very happy, and surprised.


Yay! Eminem is simply the BEST! im soo glad he´s back! besides he is sooo HOT!


hayya it is tyler-paige and shannon-louise we love you eminem soooo f***** much cart wait til you reles a new sony love ya xxxxxxxxxxxx


Eminem has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide and won a plethora of awards, including 9 Grammys, 9 EMAs and even an Oscar. His album, The Marshall Mathers LP, is the fastest-selling hip hop album in history. His latest album, Relapse, debuted at #1 on the U.S. album charts and sold over 1 million copies worldwide in its first week of release. He has recently announced that he’s planning on going back into the studio with his group, D-12, to record a new album.


I dont understand why you have to dis lil wayne his music is amazing as well as eminems! Cant you just enjoy both of their work geez!


I love all the people saying F weezy and eminem is king blah blah blah then eminem goes and does a couple colabs with wayne hahahaha

Hey Zuezs

I love Eminem and he is the king of RAP!
Go Get em' Eminem

Eminem's #1 fan

i dont care what anybody says, eminems new album is the best one yet. quit hatin on him if u r cuz he talks bout real s**t


Relapse wuz ehhh but recovery!! OMG one of his best albums evr congrats eminem(: <3 u!!!!
Tracklist for recovery:
1. cold wind blows
2. talking to myself ft.Kobe
3. on fire
4. wont back down
5. W.T.P ( white trash party)
6. Going through changes
7. Not afraid
8. seduction
9. No love ft. Lil wayne
10. space bound
11. cinderella man
12. 25 to life
13. so bad
14. almost famous
15. Love the way you lie ft. Rihanna
16. Your never over

Check these songs out and buy his new album (Recovery). IT'S BEAST!!!


hey Eminem im so glad you r a rapper you are awsome im so glad to say your name im happy that you didnt quit singing your the best rapper in this whole intier world and you need to know that every one listens to your music all of my skateboarding friends live to listen to your music if it wasnt for you i dont know wat we would do with out you music we have every album they are all great my name is sara underwood im 16 years old and if you ever wanna chat my email address is ill be glad to message you backyou are mmy idol i love you so much please dont quit rappin

sara underwood <3

eminem is the best siner ever and i tink that no body is better than hem and i mean no body ever


lol you guys dumb everyone saying he is taking back the spot from wayne...well im still waiting cause lil wayne killed that whole album with the 4 songs he released hahahha


Man Eminem is the best rapper in the world!!! I love all his songs and there AWSOME!!! He's pretty much a legend!! I'm really happy tht he started raping again. No ones songs are as awsome as his!! And yes lil Wayne is a good rapper too but eminem is better!!=•)


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