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After taking a nearly six year hiatus, Eminem announced his imminent return in 2009 by dropping celebrity insults over the synthy groove of "We Made You," the first single from his sixth LP, Relapse. But apparently in the time off Em had time to record not one, but two full-length albums, the second of which he's calling Relapse 2. The two albums reportedly share a thematic similarity, and Em promised the second Relapse in the same calendar year as the first. Look out celebrities and Eminem's family: He's got two albums about you in the can.   


Read the Recovery album abstract here.


Rock Plaza Central - the Moment of our Most Needing, or If Only They Could Turn Around, They Would Know They Weren't Alone The Gossip Music for Men

It's Good To Have You Back Shady!


wat album is


relapse 2 obvously, relapse early 2009 relapse 2 later in the year


yo man wicked tunes keep it up


good 2 have u bak slimmy, missed u man


just heard relapse and its realy great cant wait for it to come out so i can go out and buy it and about this second album comin he is talking about it in 1 of the skits on relapse .
so this is a good year for em fans


hey good to have u back slimmy shady and i love ur relapse cd is relly good


can't wait 4 this album. reminds me of the days when people wanted to b one of the first to hear a lp.have fun you're barrowed money and your written rhymes.We all know who's's just borrowed time.SAVE HIP HOP.


Ur simply the best uncle Eminem.we luv u


That shi*s sick for sure! I'm gonna buy it but I already got it.


Yo relapse is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so looking forward to buying this album tomorrow My Darling And What You Wish For off the hook keep up the good work and can't wait for Relapse 2 in Dec Pce Em

I'm The Real Slim Shady

Get Ready guys This is Aftermath marketing at its finest. We are about to see what they have been cooking for the last 5 years. Eminem leaves the end of this cd with UNDERGROUND!!! I clearly shows em is coming back as Slim in relapse 2. He has officially relapse not just on drugs but on SLIM. Encore was the first Eminem CD with no slim. Relapse is him perfecting the EMINEM persona and now he is about to smoke some of that SLIM. He is back. Who nows what this is gonna bring? Detox will follow and Aftermath is about to change the game forever with the marketing of albums and rap all together. Get ready people ITs coming and its gonna be fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All world is happy, becouse EMINEM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ur lyrics r chemically unballanced and insane eminem ur solely my favorite rapper marshal hope to here more good lryics and more albums to come from u keep up the good work i love how u spit so remaculanty fast its almost as if someone literally lit a fire up under ur ass but mostly i like how u rap about stuff around u and stuff u see not fake things i love the new album relapse cant wait to hear relapse 2


Man, I have the "Relapse", and it's kickass man. I mean your not afriad to say crap to anyone that mess's with you. And yea, I have someine that got shot and pasted away (R.I.P. Ryan Cooper). I know how it feels. Can't freaking wait for the second one to come out. Keep on rappin' man, you the best.


I Dont Care What Anyone Says.Eminem Is The Best Rapper Alive.I Am Really Glad That The Real Slim Shady Is Back.All U Haters Can Carry On Listening To Rubbish.Eminems Back And I Cant Wait To Buy Relapse 2 In December.All U People That Havnt Bought The Album BUY IT.Glad Eminem Is Back And Hope He Stays In Rap For A Very Long Time.Keep Rappin Eminem Your The Greatest.You Really Did "Make Us".


is Dec. the guess for when Relapse 2 is coming out?? i gotta know!


marshall i just want to say "thank u". u truly are somethin special n there arent enough ppl around this small world that appreciate the level u are at. for all u haters out there, n for all u jokers who dont rly listen to music closely n study the lyrics, the delivery, n the beats, this guy is an absolute genius; a master of rhythm, assonance, alliteration, and all the rest of the literary devices he utilizes. relapse is incredible, and im rly lookin forward to relapse 2.

kris f

yo eminem ya the best rapper alive. wicked songs yo keep it up


sweet sounds man awsome album


Get down lil wayne
nuff said


Yay! I can't wait for Relapse 2!
Relapse is amazzing!, so I'm excited!
Eminem fans? Get at me on myspace!


Eminem is really something special he's really grown and is humbled by working on his addiction and comming out on the other side of that, as well as having to deal and grieve the passing of his best friend PROOF R.I.P Em's grooves and beats the sick flow that rolls from his tounge he is a true Icon in the history of Rap.Incorperating musical instruments of all kinds and facillitating his music with his producing genuis and collaberations with Dre and so many other artists he's off the hook and gives us a true gem with Relapse looking forward to relapse 2..... keep loving what you do Em because you have truely touched me and inspired me in my life thanks for the beats that stick so sick!!.... and I'll be looking out for ya at future concerts dates. Greatest rapper in my opinion of all time I'll be listening till my Bones Collapse.......


yo eminem i love ur relapse cd

cant wait for relapse 2 to come out


Man thats a sick ass album you think that was an album wait until relapse2 come out so get prepared for the sickes sh*t thats about to happen at the end of this year


Damn it.ths albums sicker than sick.the best rapper of all slim u saved hiphop.lil wayne watch owt u son of a gun.cnt wait 4 relapse2.ur no 1fan

Umeed kassam

I don't care what anyone else says, Eminem is the best rapper alive. Relapse is ridiculous and if you look at the lyrics you will know why he is the best rapper alive. Like, I don't know anybody else in the WORLD that could come up with rap like that. Thank you Em and welcome back


too bad eminem show was eminems last good cd...he shoulda made one good cd instead of two ok cds...lil wayne watch out eminem has sold 932,000 copies in 3 weeks didnt u only sell a million in a week...eminem should relapse for real

eminem show=last good em cd

Yo just got done reading the vibe mag and i must say I feel what your saying. just stick to what you love and dont let anyone stop you and your s--t will keep coming hard as F*%K.
EMINEM is back!


RUSSIA HAPPY!!! EMINEM yyyyeee!!!))))))))


i gotta say i didnt like relapse dat much i liked 3 songs im sick of the rain man voice he uses all da time but im willing 2 see wat relapse 2 is like i really want it 2 be like the eminem show or the marshalll mathers LP


Best rapper alive

Deja Vu:

"Look at my daughter's face,
mommy there's something wrong with dad i think
he's acting weird again he's really beginning to scare me
won't shave his beard again and he pretends he doesn't here me..."


I honestly don't like dr.dre producing for Eminem his best songs he does by himself. Beautiful is his best song on the album and he produced it! He needs to get back to the eminem show. I got to give him props though for somehow making overdosing, murdering, raping, and being raped sound good to the ears.


Lyrical magician. Hands down best rapper alive.


nastiest album ever
be on some wicked shi
and wicket shi


i hope relapse 2 will be better than relapse dont get me wrong relapse is a pretty good but but his real voice is better


shady,the best is back and here to stay and dont let them say you aint beautiful,men u rock.


ur the best rapper ever. i dont care if you say u aint. you have inspired me to be a great rapper maybe some day we can make records together.


Complete garbage I work in real hip hop out of NY Eminem is junk Stan bitch! Shady can say anything he steals and everyone one will buy it anyway and say hes the the best crazy PUN still the best! If anything Method man Detroit hip hop is garbage


eminem is the best rapper alive or dead he destroys the rap game eff lil wayne and his auto tone eminem is real i cant wait for relapse 2 and eminem is in the movie funny people!!!!!


can I buy the Relapse CD with bonus tracks? I want them.


Eminem is the best. Cant wait for relapse 2. p.s **** mariah carey. SHADY! :)


So our modern day shakespeare is back : ) jiga jiga. Deja Vu, Bagpipes From Bagdad, Hello and Must be the Ganja are top tunes, more like this and all sterios around the globe will be playing Eminem at New Years Eve ( my house anyway). I'm also looking forward to hearing the DnB remixes of Slims music, sayin he rocks just dont do him justice. F**king legend are the words i would use. Madus in England UK sayin chow ya'll ( =


Hey Furious....Eminem is the best rapper alive period!!! And by the Way Method Man is a NEW YORK RAPPER...he is NOT from Detroit. You are obviously too young to remember Wu-Tang clan. Please know what you are talking about before making ignorant comments.


i realy like eminem i think he is great i like the way he is so angry because of his dad and i sometimes feel like that because my dad left me so i know where he is comeing from the songs are great i love them and i love eminem x cant wait till the relapse 2 x


eminem repalse 2 not come out is fake


aguante eminem. "3am" es lo mas. .


awesome hot stuff, relapse is just wow!!


this album is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eminem fans also download this underground album called "the man not the myth" he has a few new tracks, intros to the relapse 2 and also "the warning" which he murdered mariah and nick cannon...

el jeffrey

vivaaaa eminem forever

robinson andres avila sarmiento

Hey guys its Em. Just wanted to say thanks for all the kind words. I read all of your comments. I couldn't/wouldn't do it without you all. New album hitting stores early next year take it or leave it.


Eminem I love you too, you're the guy would love that you include in your next tour to Brazil as you have many fans who love you much love aqui.Te: Gaby

Gabrielle Zaniolo

wo0u espero con ansias el nuevo0 cd!!
va a estar mega so0per padree
ya i´m crazy.... i know....
but es divertiido0 hablar de eminem sus cancions so0n una maldita dro0ga no mames!


Great to have ya Slim missed U amn keep on rapping


hey eminem sup? your the man your new cd rock

vinny thompson

Hey Eminem, good to hear your back, getting tired of remixed bootlegs, i miss the old Eminem, looking foward to your new releases bro, Dave, UK...

Dave Rees

Hey Eminem, damn I have missed you. Your songs are absolutely fantastic and for relapse to come out just topped it off. Relapse 2 is gonna just blow everyone away.

If you can, hit up my youtube channel at

My videos are sure to make you laugh a fair hell of alot.

MC Vagina

Can't wait. I know it's gonna be killer.


I HATE MARIAH CAREY she talks so much poop n nick cannon u are a femail dogg to... Em is and always will be the bomb diggadii.. relapse 2 hurry i want a copy


I LOVE EMINEM, Im always first in line waiting for his music, the only thing I wonder is, he normally has this big sense of humor, then he would have a song tat would help get u crunk right after, i love that, and, he always had noises in the background, making the music i dont know, different, i loved that. Who am I to complain, I still love his new stuff and cant wait for second album. keep it up Em


Relapse was a good comeback.
Deja Vu - Stay Wide Awake - 3AM, is what i like the most on the album cause that's more Em's style.

Relapse 2 is focking Dope compare to Relapse.
I had the couple of leaked songs in August while it exually came out in September Relapse 2 mid-September.
So I know how Dope it is where almost everybody in this World is waiting for.
October 17 2009 for a'll ya'll hahah

Greats J-Prime


Yo eminem man I love ur new album I downloading it right now! srry bro I kno I should buy it if I like it.......but I do like it so I'm going to download it........But if it helps I just order some stuff of ur site spent 300...Holla beside I can't d/l a hoodie LMAO if I could boy I would


Big Em fan here and cant wait 4 Relapse 2, just hope that more tracks r like "My Darling", "Beautiful", and "Careful for what u wish 4". If not, I am goin to still buy it but really hoping 4 somethin different from Relapse 1.


Man you are the best
I want to see you live


SHADY AFTERMATH rip proof we miss u


its good to have em back i new he wouldent dissapoint me he's come back is amazing he will most likely be rapper of the year 2009 i have every song and cd ever made huge fan i'm tryin to find out where i can download he's relapse 2 if its on the net yet?


I personally feel n know eminem is the best rapper alive in the game no matter what critics say. relapse is sick. would love 2 know what he was doing n thinking when he made underground,de javu,same song and dance plus stay wide awake and must be the ganja coz those lyrics r ill dog... R.I.P proof we miss u. oh when is the next d12 album coming halla dr dre(detox can't wait)


Nice to see you back again in 2009 slim!......waiting for relapse 2!

mudith bimsara

rip proof
erbdy gonna miss you
nd d12 is neva gonna be da same wiv out yo
cnt wait till relapse 2


relapse is good stuff. maybe you sound better in that accent. you still keepin rap real, you probably the last hope. jays gettin old too. cant wait for part 2


Eminem's music has changed my life, and his skills are unbelievable. Keep it up ;D


i can't wait ..!

i think the album (relapse2)... will by fantastic << cool

to Eminem\\\ you are the best rapper ever ..!!

by the way.... relly relly the world is happy becouse Eminem's (relapse) ...!


Relapse 2 will be diffrent from relapse 1, eminem said in a interview that it will be a lot diffrent then what people expect. .. he also said that it will be more emotionally driven .. witch meens most of the songs will probabbly be based on his life...


Its refreshing to see fans of an artist commenting on that artist and not some random hater who's jealous impulse has brought him here. Eminem is the best selling artist of the decade. He's got the best debut of the year. He's the artist who killed another artist (a significant legend) the hardest this year with his track "The Warning", millions of youtube hits ensured his vengeance was seen; and Mariahs sales (100-000 +) (1st week)duly suffered, not to mention her reputation. Em is the definitive international rap artist. His Relapse went number 1 world-wide in the countries that mattered. He's on his way to going triple-platinum internationally with this album (1.5 in the U.S so far) and this damn album was a warm-up and a recovery from drug addiction (twelve step program)for Eminem to tell his true story in Relapse 2. When it drops, which side will you be on? :)


Em is ontop of his game. He still raps like he's hungry. All these other rappers think that when they make it they can relax and lay back. Em keeps it real, all day everyday!! Holla


man youre the dream is to be one day like ya my town im number one about its a miracle that youre back with the second album relapse2...thanks man you just completed my wish


Welcome back shady

Yung J Da Boss

Hi ! Yo my king...... ! Wht's upp.....? email me and give some advice ok man ..........


Just keep listening to it and you will realize it is his best C.D Yet!!!

I dont think he read this ;).. So dont say thank u.. But he is great :P.. So if he reads this, you're great..

Grtz from Holland




relapse is the bomb cant wait for relapse 2


Stan is a song that has changed the life of many people who begin to realize and visualize the dedication demonstrated by a fan who only hated his life, but found out his one true mistake was to oversize the matter choose death as chance to regain the power and for what?... to just die?.. no, it aint right to hold against the choices made by ones head, instead, he henced the play in hand contradicting the contraband in every hope to see the freedom that brought forward the truth, he is back my friends, not just one but two relapse albums? how will he be defeated? il tell you, he wont...


So, it looks like the CD is no longer going to come out in 2009 but will be out 2010....this SUCKS


Is the relapse 2 is really not coming out untill 2010?????


All i heard was November 17th and i went to buy it today and i cant find it nowhere!


I Hope Eminem Responds To Haystak


Rumours r dat Relapse 2 will drop Dec, 17 Nov was original date but 50 cent dropped then and they wudn't go head on, 50's career wud b over


adam you knob id batter you

Dickfuook'r not the same the way you were before....sorry you'v changed to jazzy pant's style...streched pant's...i liked more how you were wearing real gangsta rapper you just don;t feel like it to do it the same way you did it sorry for this.


nor yet released in japan. cant wait. is anyone who knows the true release date?


relapse 2 is pushed back till next year i bet its ready but he cant be arsed to release it yet lol


hey up shady relapse was great man. And i have heard some of the new one and a think your back to your best mate it blows my mind absolutey brilliant fella keep at it dude!


eminem you should play in iron river michigan. cant wait for the new album


Yo Huge despointement that relapse 2 is due to 2010 but i guess the refill is enough for now




the best come back ever i hate wait for your facking cd but i like yours song man

tuff gong

Eminem Is The Best White Livin' Rapper!

Your Mom

EMINEM is the best rapper in the world, i like you very much man.
I just want to be like you. I always try to rap like you but I'm not able to do it...
No one can rap like EMINEM..
He is the best...


Music wasnt the same when you quit.
Good to have you back Shady!

Relapse 2 gonna be good like every other album he's done.


yo yo yo eminem good to have you back slimm man im im your number 1 fan i listen to your tracks 24 7 ur fukin awsome

jake smith

EMINEM ( SLIM SHADY ) is back. hell YEAH
F*** hatez


what is the date¿? for relapse2


eminem im one of your biggest fans i have all your albums keep makein them all keep buying them your the sh&* keep it up buddy


eminem rapper.....respect all up in here

/site_media/uploads/images/users/restles/dsc00018jpg.JPG restles

eminem's music change my are the best the relapse album it's relapse 2 can't wait....respect all the fans up here....


lyrics is hott son keep it up...


You never left...even behind the sceans you are doing it...Go For It!!!


yo wats up love ur music holler back

jordan lopez

eminem is the only rapper now trying to push the envelop...this new style of jumpy rhymes is fantastic...good musicians get better with time...em is the only one who can show that in Hip hop



/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif unknownfan

Cant wait to hear his next album, Relapse is mad i hope number 2 is even better...If its possible

Alex Lee AKA...LX

damn i luv u em so glad you back


vieja soi de argentina...
aca se ree escucha tu musicaa...
rapeas re piola guachoo...


Few track,s from relapse 2 some demos trom future projects

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif Vadja181

relaspe 2 is coming out on the 8th febuary. it says on asda if u search eminem on the cd section and click on relaspe 2 then underneath the pre order button it says the release date

nathan arthur

hey love your relapse cd. i would like to c you live so come down to omaha nebraska #1 fan. ur the BEST!!!!!!!


em is best! he really changed myn and my friend life.. my friend wouldnt be half the person he is today without eminems music !


my friend wouldnt be half the guy he is today if he didnt have eminems music!! love him a ton..


I totally want this album man! I love eminem, He we'll be the greatest rapper ever until he dies. Probably even longer lol! :P


EM's da best/...his original voice sounds better like in Beautiful...hope he comes out with similar type of tracks in Relapse2....


i got relapse and it is SICK!!! 'u'


slim keep ur head up bro. u got it like no other mc. u already know the plot. u hear this everyday from fans. there has to be one mother***** to say some real shi*


Relapse 2 is coming out this year around may. i already have a copy of R2, its a shame that y'all have to wait for it!!!


Why would you even BS about something like that^^, to get attention?? The album isn't even done yet, hence why there is no new news on it or a tentative release date nobody has it!


itz cool to have him bakk!ur rappzz r freakin awesome mi n my brother luv ur muzic we grew up listening 2 u!love it!keep it up!


i lov eminem 4eva


if eminem never wwrites a song again he could still have another 12 good albums, because not even close to everything he wrote during the hiatus has become avaliable and he has wrote more than 20 songs since relapse came out and all together its a good 200 something songs so you assume about 20 and album, and he really needs to just take a break with writeing or somethin because the reason its been delayed so much is because he gets it ready has the songs, then writes some stuff he likes better and redoes the whole album, like he should relaize that it will all still get out, like eminem is the greatest most succesful rapper ever, im not just saying it as a fan, as a fact he is he most succesful, and i dont disrespect him or anything for this not even close, but he needs to stop screwing around with fans and get it out already


dayuummm your songs are tight man =] i love you Eminem!!!? fo sho!!!
I love your music!!! (:


im getting tired of waiting for this album to come out.... getting so tired i may not even get it.....


oh this is where we type? haha. u all do understand that this "early" or "late" release of R2 is not bc of any technical issues or content approvals... right?!? this is exactly what em needs. he probably planned on releasing it may 2010 but wanted to create some buzz, but hes too good for buz, so he turned it into more than that.. like.."its not buz, he really is dealing with emotional issues and cant get the pen to write-right on the page bc of stuff we dont even know about........" as bad as it sounds... its the truth. but its called a medicine ball for a reason. an "artist" knows that no one pill is as powerful as the previous one. and he knows that time is the only perfect oil that fits imperfectly off a canvas. keep your eyes closed..... soon


Slim u Are the Best Man Just go on
From Kosova

Q3nDr!m! $#$...1 Eminem

When is relapse 2 coming out?


em dont let these haters tell you what to do if you leave rap rap will die i love you man no homo


Yeah, way to go EM!
Keep the good, true music coming :D


Dear Mr Mathers thank you for letting us all into your life. You have helped me through a lot of hard times in my life. Im sorry for all of the invasion into ur personal space. I just wanted to say thanks and let u know that ur music really has made a differince. Cantwait for the new one.


hay emi i am biggest fan i like rappers you won rap with me


I agree strongly with can't just "release" everything you record.....especially if you are trying to sell the perfect album. Look, eminem's first relapse album did not meet standards of many people, i myself liked the album, i thought it was alright. Not his best no, but for a returning album, i think he is getting back into his groove. back on to the point, i believe the reason it is taking so long to put out is because he wants it to be PERFECT. He needs to shut up all the critics and the haters, and like the EMINEM SHOW he needs to 1 up his relapse album. With lyrics that he dropped on relapse, most funny, he had 1 emotional song in beautiful...none of the other songs really touched people, really made them go "wow, i can relate to that"...mainly because he rapped about serial killers. but if you dig deeper into his lyrics and his mindset, and look at all of his previous albums, you know this one is gonna be huge...One of his greatest? Who knows...hopefully he doesn't get shot and die, cause if he does, he will be just like every other rapper who got wasted, the greatest...And his albums will sky rocket. Think about it though. Eminem needs to really hit this one on the head, or his fan base is really gonna go down...So take more time, refine the things people don't like, make it work, put out the album, and be great. thats what he is doing, and that is what it takes to be great.

now, as far as he having some 200 songs that he already recorded, I am sure he has songs that never get released or thrown out, but not look at it, the average person pays a SHIZ load of money in the studio, i even once heard someone spent $100,000 in the studio recording, and you are gonna sit here and tell me he spends $100,000 on throwing out 200 songs? no, now...DOUBLE taking a song is different...because that song will get release, and yes, lyrics will get thrown out, and maybe put into a different now we are talking putting together the PERFECT song for the perfect album...Now we are talking.

do what you do em...real em fans will wait for your greatness to be released.


Your music is the best no matter what any1 says you have helped me thru so much crap i cant type it all,No matter what you are the only person i look up to


hey, Eminems the best out there. Forget Drake, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z, Eminem is the best there is. Hes not afraid of sayin whats on his mind and thats why so many ppl like him.If you didn't like relapse sorry 4 you, cause you must have problems cause it was amazing. Yeah he was gone for a lil bit but, look he came back stronger than ever. He will always be the best no matter what anyone says. I cant wait to hear Relapse 2
Em your the best REMEMBER that!!


When is Relapse 2 coming out?

Hoe bag

i fink eminem is getting better and better when eminem relapse 2 comes out i will get it.
emimem is the best


yo em wtf is with your new stuff how about atleast one serious song ppl like stuff they can relate to not getin screwed by your step dad im a big fan but your old is way better than your new what happeded to stuff like the eminem show you may be getin new fans but your loosing even more you have been my favorit rapper sents i was 9 n i aint ever rd of you comin to JC TN how about a concert for us


yo Taylor dude EM dont read this sh-t!!!! and if he did he wouldnt listen to you anyway hes tha sh-t

Young Money

EM iz 1 of tha bezt rappers i ever heare. he'z such a unique rapper and he has own style on how he rapz. Wat rapper do u kno that can mak fun of himslef n not evn care n itz a big hit.thatz 1 of tha reazonz why i lik him. He killed tha relapse albulm. he'z 1 of thoz people that u cnt dizz he'z undizzable u cnt c him. EM all day. EMINEM keep doin ur thing man ur doin pretty big n ima keep supportin ur carrer.


no one can do it better than this guy he is like messi legends in their respective fields too dope shady

bruno bebeza

hey Em i hope u continue doin ur thing man you know i always lisent to ur song man i hope u do more. O yea when is RELAPSE 2 is coming out?

jonathan sanchez

yo ur music is soooo much better than some electronically made s-t that ppl nowadays listen to im saying this and im only 14 and im sick off modern day music! im sure ur tired of everone saying ur the best but its true! cant wait till relapse 2 buying it no hesitance!


best, best, best!!!


Em I am such a huge fan but you do need to stop rapping about killin people and getting raped. The raps are great but it's not what people want to be hearing. Go back to rappin from the heart and about things people can relate too. Curtain Call is my bible and Lose Yourself is my theme song. Can't wait for the new album.


Those talkin to Em and saying what's wrong with his music: have you ever listened to his music? He kinda doesn't care bout u guys. He says he doesn't care bout the people against him, and he still doesn't care about those who pray for him (etc.) because no one did anything before he became famous.

if you don't like him, don't listen to him. simple as that.

if u like the music, more power to u. i believe he's an amazing rapper and i have every one of his songs...but im pretty sure he doesn't care. he likes his fans, but he could probably continue life without em.


Right now I am eagerly awaiting the release of relapse your rap eminem,you are the best rapper alive.


How could you say that em could live life without his fans? If he didnt care he wouldnt be taking so much time trying to put out the perfect album. He would just throw some random stuff together and ship it on out.
Keep up the masterpiece shady looking forward to the new album. later


Hey everyone Eminem changed the name to Recovery and comes out June 22. Interscope records announced this just today.


Oh my god! Cant wait!!

lovin slim

rite on coz hit it off this time,check out the next go around


f'n genius!!!!!!! still can't figure it all out yet, but love trying. never fails to find a way to hit home personnally. I seriously can't put in one of your songs and not feel better after listening. its strangly theraputic no matter what song, it always seems to do the job. For lack of a better vocabulary, F'n always awsome!!!! I don't know a lot about art but you definitly are the most talented artist of all time in my opinion, as well as my favorite. your work always has a way of making me feel better. Im very appriciative. sry. bad speller. best of luck to you in the future, I honestly belive you desereve it.


oh my god! i love you sooooooooooo sooooooooooo much

shannon jade

Its not called relapse 2 now. Its getting called recovery.


thx guys awsome fans out

marshall mathers

eminem is da BEST RAPPER ALIVE.....HE ROCKS HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i bought the refill album and loved all the songs great work!


wawwwwwwwww oh my god eminem is back for relapse 2 good work man of the album ....

SHADY (salah)

lovein the tunes shady cant wait to see u live


The new Album from Eminem is named Recovery not Relapse 2


u rock man keep it up man ur the best rapper ever


there is no relapse 2 .....


your the one who keeps me sane in this world when every thing back fires, breaks down or just gets me down your the one who gets me back up From the heart thank you


loving this album. i like'd the first relapse and refil aswell funnny ****. this ones sweet as **** thoughhhh xx

cloe davies

yeah its called recovery NOT relapse2 gosh you people no nothing about eminem


Hey eminem. I'm like your biggest fan and i was wondering if you could make a visit to the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia to preform a concert. Or at least a signing at the Springfield Mall in Springfield Pennsylvania. The mall is right outside of Philly. Please!!!!!??????????? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

jarid krause

hey man you are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really loved your songs they somehow inspire me.


is his new album not goin t b called infintite???


i really lovee these songss carnt wait for some more new ones to be realeasedd i <3 you soo muchh i hope you do a tour in englandd soon ill be buying a tickett put it that way haha x

ellie webster

the name of this Album is not Relapse 2 it is the Recovery. bad ass album Marshal. Not Afraid is my joint dogg thanks homie peace

justin Wood

LOve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


whats up people I have the album already

irish man

listening to the album right now and all i can say i like it it so much diff from his old stuff but its still all good

mr shady him self

Okay all of you, i love eminem more than any other person. i am in 7th grade and i played him in a video project, i listen to him 24/7 and now im so freakin excited because a new album? no freakin waayy! omg. this is crazy i think i just might diee. i love you so much there are no words to describe my feelings towards you. i love youuu<3


love hearing ur music the best song like is "RUN RABBIT RUN"


we missed u kuzo


Cuando vas a vnir a méxico adoro tu cancion de mosh y la de beautiful de las CDs de encore y relapce comunicate con migo.


he never went ne where. he was always wit uss jus the bandwaggon ppl said tht


hey dude i know u probaly get a ton of these things a day but i just want u to know u are my all time favorite rapper and it is my dream to be a badass rapper just like u cant wait till ur next album


hey marshell this new album has too be one of the best out of my top's finish the next album and i'll comment on it

micha aka parachute

eminem cool and best of all reper


eminems the opisite of an oreo. hes white on the outside and black on the inside. CHAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


dude good to have you back. i look up to like a bro its wierd cause i never met you but its true.... keep bein the best.


yo i wonder what the relapse 2 album was like,,he should put the songs out but as a mixtape,,,he'll get dope bread for that


I am a BIG Slim Shady fan I have all his albums But,he doesn't rap how he use to,yea his songs are good some are but I want to hear the "just don't give a f*ck" Eminem the "Kill you" slim shady the old Eminem, how he rapped on "The slim shady lp" "marshal mathers lp" "the eminem show" "Encore" now eminem raps different I think he's tryin to rap like the new rappers or be better then them so he changed how he raps but he is better then all these rappers but if he keeps on rappin like how he is now I don't know wats gonna happen...I know he can go back to how he was he has to find it again and he will hopefully he finds it before its to late...and Eminem is my favorite rapper I've never liked these other rappers well some I don't like for example lil wayne I didn't even like him wen he was with the Hot boys, Master P was better then him and Eminem is the best rapper


I love eminem so much. He is a modern day poet if truth be told. His music is fantastic. I am so glad you're back, gonna buy your new albumn real soon. P.S. My Nanna is like your biggest fan and has everything you've ever recorded.

Peace and Love, xxxxxxxxxxx




Shady u shuld team up with weezy again man,u two make a great team! "No love lost no love found"!


bien content le retour de shaddy wow qu elle album emenem for ever


the best and will always be the best till the end. Eminem is the worlds greatest.
I like your albums with Dr Dre


Marshall I need your help if you actually read this or some how it gets 2 you i'm out there your not alone S.O.S.

Joseph Flaherty

Hey you Eminem tanks for new album and the new song with Rihanna I love the way you lie and all the romanian Kids are minutes of your songs and I was expres my opinion of your song.Please I look forward to come again in romania.


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