Elephant Eyelash


    Why? (the singer, not the band) is most famous for his participation in Clouddead, the experimental hip-hop group that is proving increasingly influential. But Why? (born Yoni Wolf) has fashioned his solo project into a full-fledged band of the same name that includes Matt Meldon, Doug McDiarmid and his brother Josiah. On Elephant Eyelash, Wolf met halfway between his old group and his new bandmates, who seem to hail from somewhere in the Slanted Enchanted vicinity.


    Shuttling between the multi-tracked free association of “Crushed Bones” and the summery pop of “Sanddollars” makes for a nice little trip through good enough indie rock, and by the time it’s over you’re just about ready for your mom to tuck you in and turn out the light. Not that there isn’t any emotional heft here, especially on album highlight “Gemini (Birthday Song).” This is an unambitious album in the best way. But then, Elephant Eyelash is an album for you to find and love for yourself if you are so inclined, so what can I do but sing along and nod?

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    Sanddollars” (MP3)

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