MC Chris

    Eating’s Not Cheating


    Give him this, the man’s got balls: Why else would he kick off a song “My Name Is” with the line “Name is MC, I’m like no other/ A short-sized high-pitched white-skinned brother”? Maybe it’s because he knows Eminem comparisons, while superficially apt, are nevertheless ridiculous.


    For starters, Chris Ward is a nerd (“I met you on Friendster” goes the album’s love song). His name’s been in the credits of Aqua Teen and Sealab 2021 and other shows from the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim line-up. He’s completely sex-obsessed and truly funny, and his lyrics stay tight but his “flow” be questionable. Ward sounds more like MC Paul Barman to me, and only Prince Paul’s beats beat DJ John Fewell’s coming and going (duh, the latter made his “on a Mac in Spanish Harlem”).

    So even when the music doesn’t connect (which is surprisingly rare, actually), the jokes keep coming. He plays Mario Kart with Wesley Clark, fills up her spaces like Mad Libs, packs his “humidors filled with stogies filled with dro/ like 90210 is filled with the word bro.” He’s too funny to stay unsigned forever, or maybe he’s so funny (novelty! novelty!) he never will get that deal. But let’s hope he doesn’t stop trying.

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    – 2004

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