Pink Skull

    Drugs Will Keep Us Together

    The Savant Garde - March 24, 2008

    In this current era of Justice and slinky French Ed Banger style electro, Pink Skull’s first offering (and Brooklyn’s The Savant Garde’s first as a label) is a hot slice of 90s’ accessibility and sensibility. Clearly proficient with Reason 3 or a program of that ilk, Pink Skull evoke Orbital or a super-danceable Aphex Twin with the single “Drugs Will Keep Us together”. Anybody remember IDM (intelligent dance music)? Actually, does that term still exist? If it does, then Pink Skull is a throwback and a slinky, slick eye opener at the same time. Even the title of the track reeks of 90s druggy love. And the absence of a crap vocal track makes this track even sweeter. Dirty dive bar dance floors beware…

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