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Unlike the central idea of Easy Beat's closer, "Wake Up," Dr. Dog's songs are not "only what they seem." On their self-released long player, the Philadelphia-based five piece scrambled around a makeshift recording studio to put together nine tracks that cull together California harmonies, swamp rock and "Rocky Raccoon." After well-attended tours with My Morning Jacket and M. Ward, some people have finally taken notice of the quirky but very stable songwriting structure of the Dog, and it's a long time coming.


"Oh No" deserves a spot on the soundtrack of a take-the-money-and-run road saga, up until midway through the song, anyway, when it breaks into a holiday-tinged acid party with strings, organ and Top of the Pops guitar licks. New Orleans's National Parking is set to re-issue this record in March 2005. Until then you'll have to choke down exhaust fumes while chasin' their ramblin' tour van for your own copy. C'mon, a little carbon monoxide never hurt anyone.

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"Wake Up" mp3.

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- 2004

  • The World may never Know
  • The Pretender
  • OHNO
  • Easy Beat
  • Dutchman Falls
  • Foolslife
  • Say Something
  • Today
  • Wake Up
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