This would be great for some movie about some misguided youth (don’t worry, he gets straightened out at the end when he realizes his parents love him, finds God, gets Ritalin, whatever) who causes endless grief for John Ritter (that’d put a weird twist on things, wouldn’t it?) and his new wife. The way I see it, on the way to school (where the little guy totally doesn’t want to go because he’s a fucking rebel), he could totally switch the Asterisk album with his step mom’s new Rod Stewart jams when she isn’t looking, and then rig some crazy MacGyver-style device that kicks in when he opens the passenger door so when he hops out, all the doors lock and the CD player automatically switches on at volume eleventy billion and this sick-ass Swedish grindcore is just slapping the shit out of her, beating her about her neck and head, and the little troublemaker is fucking loving it, and then just goes off to throw stones at stuff. I love that movie.


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