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On the first of the two-disc set that is Celestial Mechanix, DJ Spooky uses his exclusive all-access pass to visit Thirsty Ear's Blue Series catalog and masterfully remixes the label's already-bewildering lineup. Tha' Subliminal Kid offers his spaced skills behind the decks for the stable of Thirsty Ear modern jazz musicians and makes room for some special guests. Spooky applies washes of mind-bending effects and on-point scratching, such as over DJ Wally's "NYC To Hawaii" as remixed by Meat Beat Manifesto.


The second disc is a constant mix of the tracks, thirty-five of 'em, as selected by the well-versed writer, speaker, artist and digital prophet. It's Quaalude turntablism from a household name who capably leads us on a guided tour through stuff that's already so out there, we hardly need anyone else to muck it up. But we're glad he did.

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DJ Spooky homepage

  • Stellar [1, 2, 3 Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • CD: Dir>Gesture>
  • Travelogue 1: NYC to Hawaii [Remix] - DJ Wally
  • Lingua Ex Machina [Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • Nommos Ascending [Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • Maldoror's Gambit [Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • Not in Our Name [Remix] - DJ Spooky, Saul Williams
  • Bass Pressure [Mix] - DJ Spooky
  • Anansi's Gambit [Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • Ibid/Asphalt -- Otikon [Remix] - Asphalt,
  • Shining Through [Val-Inc. Remix] - Craig Taborn
  • Unforgettable Journey - DJ Spooky
  • Lingua Ex Machina [Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • Travelogue I: NYC to Hawaii - Meat Beat Manifesto
  • SVP/Mad Professor's Interlude - Antipop Consortium,
  • Nu Bop/Scrapbook - William Parker, Matthew Shipp
  • Nu-Bop - Matthew Shipp
  • Not in Our Name [Remix] - DJ Spooky, Saul Williams
  • Travelogue II: Medley - Meat Beat Manifesto
  • Nommos Ascending [Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • Bass Pressure Mix - DJ Spooky
  • Ananda Rotation [DJ Spooky Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • Real Is Surreal - Antipop Consortium
  • Optometrix - DJ Spooky, J-Live
  • Alter Echo's Interlude/Mad Professor's Interlude - DJ Spooky
  • Out of the Blue - DJ Wally
  • Jungle Soldier - Lee "Scratch" Perry
  • Anansi's Gambit [Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • Slow Horn - Antipop Consortium
  • SVP - Antipop Consortium
  • Scrapbook - William Parker
  • Visions - Matthew Shipp Quartet
  • Urban Shadows
  • Dementia Absentia [Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • Nebula Interlude - DJ Spooky
  • CD:Dir>Gesture>
  • More and More - Guillermo E. Brown
  • Maldoror's Gambit [Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • Song of Hope - Leena Conquest, William Parker
  • Mist - Blue Series Continuum
  • I Spy - DJ Wally
  • Double Cross - Spring Heel Jack
  • Golden Age [the Val-Inc Remix] - DJ Spooky
  • Cosmic World - DJ Spooky
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