McEnroe and Pip Skid

    Disenfranchised 2/Funny Farm 2


    As on 2004’s Nothing is Cool, the production on the McEnroe and Pip Skid’s Disenfranchised 2/Funny Farm 2 double EP is comprised of sped-up vocal samples, lofty soap-opera string snippets and punches of skillful scratches. The tracks here are sequels to McEnroe’s 2002 release, Disenfranchised, and Pip Skid’s 2003 release, Funny Farm (which McEnroe produced).


    McEnroe’s solid beats are present, and his verses blend his signature complaints and articulate wordplay. This time around, he’s a focused sniper, specifically taking aim at “Emperor Bush,” as he puts it on the witty “For Service in English, Press 2.” On “Big Box,” he spits at corporate corruption with sensible, grounded criticism. The bonus disc is interesting and funny, offering a peek into McEnroe’s humble abode and studio. Already it’s a significant leap past Nothing‘s shortcomings.

    Pip Skid is adversely hyper, stretching every syllable into two or three more syllables, which is intimidating at first but gets old quickly. He pays tribute to his mother on “My 1 Mom,” offering that he calls her on Father’s Day instead of a father he never really had. Pip Skid exercises the skill he shares with his EP mate on this track, but the others are occasionally muddied by silliness, such as the inclusion of a cartoonish alter ego in “Barry the Hatchet.” The production, though, as owned by McEnroe and Hunnicutt (handling the cuts) is good enough to turn the heads of the corporate bloodhounds McEnroe so capably disses.

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