Under the geometric handle Decahedron, the assemblage of one Fugazi bassist and two Frodus Conglomerate employees combines government paranoia, post-hardcore rhythms and socially-consciousness battle cries into Disconnection_Imminent, a decidedly political debut that’s both musically and lyrically relevant.


    Decahedron comes out strong on the album’s showpiece, “Delete False Culture,” with Shelby Cinca’s (Frodus) leftist, rally-worthy vocals urging: “Delete Clear Channel, Delete RIAA … Delete false idols, Delete false culture.” On temporary loan from Fugazi, Joe Lally and his bass drive the upbeat “No Carrier” and allow Cinca to release shrieks of guitar feedback and social critiques. Disconnection_Imminent slows its tempo with the sludgy-guitar, ominous bass line and rhythmic, industrial pulse of “Module 1.” “Pay No Mind” momentarily clears the sludge, with Cinca’s guitar on the clean channel, only to turn back on itself mid-song with a distorted stereo-effect.

    All told, Decahedron shows impressive versatility on Disconnection_Imminent, successfully merging meditative (“Every City Is A Prison,” “Burning Lights”) and full-on thrusting (“Not These Homes”) song treatments into a solid and engaging debut. In a time when Paris Hilton rivals White House policy for media exposure, Decahedron has re-confirmed that informed songwriting and skillful, non-cliched song construction can challenge listeners’ intellectual and musical sensibilities and result in an album that, well, fucking rocks.