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Never the ones to ground themselves in reality, the Diplomats claim in their latest onslaught on the mixtape scene that they represent not just music but a burgeoning movement. As Cam'ron eloquently foreshadowed in his 2004 LP, Purple Haze, he is "moving the movement." But what exactly do the Diplomats stand for? Free Mumia Abul Jamal? Universal health care? Reparations?


Not quite. The Dipset "represents" the block, the hustlers, the pimps, D-boys and the gangstas. But what about the other thousands of Lamborghini-less residents of happy starving Harlem? Where do they fit in the movement?


For the most part, that question is left unanswered by the Dipset, and no solution seems in the horizon. Stacked with talent including Cam, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and up-and-comers JR Writer, Hell Rell and 40 Cal, the crew is narrowly obsessed with a pot of cooked coke crack. Until they peak their heads out the kitchen, the Dips will be nothing more than music.



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the diplomats are more than music because they've lived or expierienced the things they talk about im a starvin lyricist myself and half the shiznit they talk about I done did I wont go into details cause that's none of your gotdamn business but I will say never underestimate anyone or their ability or limit them to just music or just sexin bitches or pimpin hoes yeah their obsessed with pumpin cracks that's only bacause that's what they grew up with who did they look up to rich porter illegal drug kingpin from harlm world money makin manhattan walk a mile in their shoe's and see if your mentality wont be the same


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