Yellow Swans



    For such a prolific band, some of Yellow Swans’ music can be hard to find. Deterioration was originally sold as a cassette on tour, and even if these five tracks are not the now-defunct band’s best, their signature pulsating noise is fairly representative of the band’s sonic obsessions.


    The duo of Pete Swanson (electronics, very sparse vocals) and Gabriel Saloman (also electronics, guitar) build to stomp on “Broken Eraser/Time Stretch,” which uses every bit of its length to progress from slow drone to majestic caterwaul. Likewise, “Reintegration” follows he path of slow-moving tones heading toward the epic. The noisiest track is “Burnt Dub,” which sustains the epic feel throughout and manages to produce an array of aural colors in its noise. The quiet pulse of the untitled fourth track sets the stage for “Dirty Heads,” a closer that is nothing short of a noisy, droning message from another world.

    Deterioration finds Yellow Swans (a final full-length is reportedly due in 2009) in the space they have carved out for themselves, one that is full of quiet and loud inspired moments. As usual, Yellow swans are confident in their space, and in taking us inside it.