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Sequels, both in music and film, are typically immense letdowns. Sure, they can surprise us here and there. Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Pt. 2 are fine examples of that. But those are the exceptions. Deltron 3030 looks to also be an exception, though it’s a very tall order. The trio's self-titled debut is widely dubbed as an underground classic. But all the major players are here for the sequel. MC Del The Funky Homosapien, producer Dan the Automator, and DJ Kid Koala have returned in space-mode for this highly anticipated follow-up. Production for Deltron Event II began in 2006 -- the same year Koala wrote on his website that his scratching for this record was complete.

Surfer Blood - Astro Coast Diamond District In The Ruff

I marked this on my calendar. This should be amazing!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Vic/beach-housejpg.JPG Vic

You have no idea how much I hope that this release date is real.


did you remove that release date? what a hoax


i think deltron is genious!.. innovative yet classic.. powerful and epic.. 3030 was a masterpiece..! i hope everyone gets a chance to listen to them because i know all rap fans will LOVE them!!.. please, im begging god, they release new albums forever.. i dont mind the wait, cos the more they work the better it gets!!


This release date better be f*cking real or I'm gonna f*ck some sh*t up right up in here. This sh*t was supposed to be out in 2007. We've been waiting for years! This album probably won't be released until 3030. Why can't I say sh*t and F*ck? F*ck this sh*t.


I think the most laughable part is that the label 75 Ark Records is defunct. Del will probably throw Event II up on his website for free (like everything else he's released lately). How is this guy making any $$???


he still tours, and makes money from the Hiero albums. Deltron was a true masterpiece. I'm really looking forward to this. Damn, we have been waiting so long!


Nah, he's not really in it for the money, he's genuinely in it to make music, That's the mark of a true musician. I'm not crazy about hip-hop but Del is a phenomenal exception. I hope the album will be a 2010 release. I never thought I'd ever say that I'd be excited for the release of an album, let alone a rap album.


@ mailmanX it is called touring, where 85% of all artists funds come from. free enterprise is the future. Radiohead's In-Rainbow's album was free and or as much as you wanted to pay (genius) and they made (rumored) 10 mil off of it.


Ladies and gentlemen, check out the rap battle of the century!
The intergalactic rap battle!
The battle of all battles!
Don't forget!
Man vs. Machine.
Machine vs. Computer.
Computer vs. Woman.
Woman vs. Child.
Be there, be square!
Make sure you see the intergalactic rap battle 3030!


Be there for the rap battle, its going to be interspectacular, fantabulous, itll blow your socks off. Its one of those things where machine versus man, man versus woman, woman versus your mother! Be there, intergalactic rap battle, its instupituous!


Attention! Attention!! Deltron Event 2!! Don't whine!! Settle down and it will be come!!!!!!


Del previewed two tracks on youtube already. it sounds great.

it's coming people! believe it!


ahahhahahhahahhahhahahha@we've been waiting for years! This album probably won't be released until 3030.


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