DJ Drama & Lil Wayne

    Dedication 2


    Lil Wayne isn’t the best rapper alive, but of all the rappers who think they’re the best rapper alive, it’s Weezy’s claim that’s the least obnoxious. He’s likable, incredibly prolific and constantly growing, not just by his own standards but by hip-hop’s, too (“Shooter” — take notes.) When he calls himself the best rapper alive, you don’t imagine the sound of crickets chirping, and that’s a really good sign.


    Wayne, it goes without saying, is aware of his own hype. But the acknowledgment that he’s stepped his game up seems only to drive him harder and faster, rather than soften him into a wet noodle. The most jaw-dropping moment on Dedication 2 comes when he goes toe-to-toe with George W. over the Katrina mess on “Georgia Bush.” After three and a half minutes of ripping the president over the “Georgia” instrumental, Wayne goes for the throne and makes ‘Pac’s “Ambitionz Az a Ridah” his coronation soundtrack. Highlight: “Got your girlfriend dreamin’/ Of one day bein’ Trina/ Not a sim sima/ Ten keys in the beamer/ Got a white girl drivin’/ Couldn’t do it much cleaner.”


    The major drawback is Wayne’s reliance on disgusting B-list sex boasts — the kind of immature stuff he thankfully leaves off his albums — in favor of his grade-A spit game. So we hear about his junk: its size (“She can wrap my whole dick around her waist like a belt”), its unique talent (“cummin’ down the hallway”), its likeness to freed serial killers (“O.J”). I’m all with taking the bad with the good, but Weezy needs to know that the true crown’s got more to do with Georgia than bush.


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