Eagles of Death Metal

    Death by Sexy


    The worst thing about Death by Sexy, the sophomore album from Eagles of Death Metal, is that you know that somewhere, right now, it’s rocking a strip-club sound system. Songs such as “I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News), and “I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen),” with its foot-stomping, more-cowbell drums, three-chord guitar crunch, and frontman Jesse Hughes singing, “I love you baby you’re just nineteen/ I got the flesh and I will make you scream,” are ready-made raunch-rock anthems. Most of Death by Sexy plays like the hard-rock equivalent to Ying Yang Twins or a stripped-down version of anything in Motley Crue’s catalog.



    Fortunately, this is also the best thing about the album. To quote myself, the band’s repertoire consists predominantly of “foot-stomping, more-cowbell drums,” and “three-chord guitar crunch.” This, in case you haven’t heard of AC/DC, is awesome. And like AC/DC, or like the Rolling Stones, who these guys use as a model of sexual swagger for their less aggressive songs (“Solid Gold”), there is no pretension, no hidden agenda. “Don’t Speak (I Came to Make a Bang!”), “I Like to Move in the Night” “Keep Your Head Up” — these aren’t exactly addressing important social issues. Unless that issue is sex.  


    It isn’t all lap dances and free beer, though. When they aren’t pounding out ’70s style boogie-rock, when Hughes hides his falsetto and the band takes a break from the oohs and aahs, there isn’t a whole lot going on. At times the production, courtesy of Eagles drummer (and Queens of the Stone Age frontman) Josh Homme, is, well, a little too Queens of the Stone Age. Not a terrible fault, but certainly noticeable — and potentially stifling for someone looking for a totally different band that Homme just happens to be a part of.


    “The Ballad of Queen Bee & Baby Duck,” about the relationship between Homme and the Distiller’s Brody Dalle, lacks the infectious drive of the rest of the album; “Eagles Goth,” is a messy foray into a darker sound — something Homme’s Queens do much better. When the Eagles try venturing out of the club, they — and we — suffer. But when they cash their hundred-dollar bills in for singles and order another round of Bud Lights, they’re untouchable.


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