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Days Of The New's fourth full-length, and first not to be self-titled, comes nine years and one episode of Intervention since their last album. The band, still helmed by singer-guitarist Travis Meeks, began recording the album in 2007, but stalled when the band had trouble securing a label or distributor. Meeks continued on unfazed, soliciting fans for PayPal donations via the Days Of The New website before announcing that the album would be released in 2010. Presents Tree Colors is said to embrace Meeks' passion for classical music, with Meeks taking on the alternate identity of "Maestro Meeks" to illustrate this point.

Dark Dark Dark - Wild Go Working for a Nuclear Free City Jojo Burger Tempest

Too bad Meeks hosed all those who pre-order and we've received nothing... no music, no updates, nothing.


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