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  • Only The Wine
  • Foundling
  • Forgetting
  • Gossamer Thread
  • The Old Chair
  • In God's Name
  • We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight
  • Holding On
  • When I Was In Your Heart
  • A New Day at Midnight
  • Davey Jones' Locker
  • Fixative
  • Morning theme
  • The Dotted Line
  • A Million Years
  • Who's Singing Now
  • Old Father Time
  • Indeed I Will
  • A Moment Changes Everything

Anyone expecting that British folk-rock singer/songwriter David Gray might begin slowing down 17 years into his recording career would be proven wrong by Foundling, a double album that arrives less than a year after its predecessor, Draw the Line. Apparently, Gray was originally planning the follow-up to that 2009 release to simply be an expanded reissue including outtakes, demos, etc. Instead, he seemingly took some pep pills and built a brand new, double-length album around those outtakes. 

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