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“Warts and all” is right. This EP was recorded at the indie store Fingerprints in Long Beach, California, and includes “Volcano,” “Cannonball,” and “I Remember” from his 2003 debut album, O, and “Rootless Tree,” “Coconut Skins,” and “Grey Room” from 2006’s 9. But the sole interesting bit is a spoken between-song segue where Damien Rice tells us that he really only writes well when he’s depressed and that he wants to get out of that mode and start writing when he’s happy. This heart-on-a-billboard singer-songwriter has hardly proven himself a compelling wordsmith, so I can only imagine how trite the sad sack would be coming from the opposite emotional direction. In the mean time, we get yet another rendering of the same old same old same old songs.


  • Cannonball
  • Coconut Skins
  • Grey Room Intro
  • Grey Room
  • Volcano
  • Rootless Tree Intro
  • Rootless Tree
  • I Remember
Brian Grosz - Bedlam Nights Giant Squid, Grayceon Sutter's Fort/The West

Dick... damien rice is better than your mum and she was good trust me


surprisingly aggressive sentiment from a damien rice fan.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/acb/01bigblacktomb.jpg acb

Well, y'know, if you're goin' slag something off - just to be interesting - try to learn the names of the songs correctly. It shows how professional you're writing is... But you got 4 out of 6 correct. Still good score... Spooky.


The error has been fixed...and I still stand by not finding that album all that interesting.


So, you don't like it?! I'll quote you:


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