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    D-Block Street Music 2


    The Lox have had some of the worst record label problems ever, and to be honest, I’m not sure why they even bother anymore. It’s been six years since their last group album, and whatever damage they’ve racked up on official releases in the interim pales in comparison to the first-degree homicide they’ve been committing on mixtapes. Things like The Champ Is Here, The Ghost in the Machine and Year of the Wolf produce far more interest and staying power than any of the solo albums from Jadakiss, Styles P or Sheek Louch, and it’s pretty easy to see why.


    It’s because the Lox shine best when they don’t hold back, when they’re riding top-shelf beats and allowed to say whatever the fuck they want (remember Sheek’s “spit in ya food” line from “2 Gunz Up”?). Street Music 2 showcases more of the D-Block collective, dudes such as Team Arliss, Bully, Bucky and Don D. I’m not sure I’d want a whole tape of just them, but sprinkled between heavy shots from Styles and J-Hood (who also adopts the nickname Spring Heeled Jack on a couple freestyles), they fit in well. The best moments still come from the Lox: tracks such as the “Touch the Sky” remix, Sheek’s “I’m on ‘Em” freestyle (Louch is seriously underrated), Styles’s crunked-up “Bionic MC,” and his collabo with Arliss, “Shoot ‘Em,” where Junior Walker & The All Stars’s Motown classic “Shotgun” gets screwed down and looped to dope effect.


    There’s also “Shots Fired,” another scathing chapter in the Lox’s ongoing beef with 50 Cent. I don’t think 50 or anyone else in G-Unit is still responding to these dis records, but Styles and ‘Kiss aren’t letting shit go anytime soon (kinda what 50 did with Ja). It’s an unnecessary knock-out blow. I’m not complaining.


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