With some producer credits to his name, duties at Counterflow Recordings, his own WonderSound label, and work as a scribe for a few music mags, Miami-based producer/deejay Induce is in the game at most ends. But knowing the game and playing the game are two different things. There are a few times that Induce uncovers a moving, alien experience on Cycle, his largely instrumental debut LP. When he deviates from the perilous instrumental norm of delivering loops and not much else, Induce slips into the set list some pixie dust, which contributes a great deal to his appealing- though still developing – style of wordless experimentalism.


    Since it’s his first time out of the gate, Induce has yet to allow his quirks to fully register their important place on his tracks. In the meantime, he’ll need to shorten tedious cuts like “Systematic Mechanic,” the repetitive drum loop and machine-shop ambience of which doesn’t soar half as high as the somber, stuttering synths in “Color Clouds Blue (Version 2).” The paisley groove of “Color” filters in just after Induce cribs the living piss out of Boards of Canada’s Geogaddi with a sans-beat, warbled reel exercise in “A Wave of Calm before the Warm.”


    Interestingly enough, all this dabbling in roach-clip electronica follows the rather jazzy boom-bap shuffle of opener “Coltrane’s Brain (The Rebirth)” – complete with samples from Ken Burns’s documentary. Induce spits well on the album’s only vocal entry on “Rebirth’s Reprise,” the re-appearance of “Coltrane’s Brain,” but he incorporates Wynton Marsalis’s commentary so well the first time around, it’s sorely missed on the reprise.


    The extra tracks are almost as out of place as the vocals, and the “Chroma Remix” of “Color Clouds Blue” is a piercing practical joke compared to its elegantly arranged predecessor. Induce definitely scripts some sweet ideas on Cycle, as the Burns-Marsalis snippet indicates. He may just need to allow some room for development, and even more room for editing.



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