Any self-respecting music critic should hate Shat’s second album, Cuntree. It’s easily one of the most infantile albums ever recorded, even edging out Shat’s first album, The Best of Shat: The Cunt Chronicles. It consists entirely of idiotic punk-metal odes to boobs, pussy, sex and bodily fluids. Each of the sixty-nine songs is an excuse for endless repetitions of a title phrase such as “Show Your Tits,” “One Cunt is Better Than None” and “She’s Allergic to Cock,” and the most poetic line sung by ringleader Jeff Wood — an underground porn star and former bassist with the Dillinger Escape Plan — is “Eating a girl out is the most brilliant thing.”


    Cuntree is terrible, the kind of album that nobody over the age of twelve should listen to more than once, if that often. But you gotta admire the members of Shat for throwing themselves at their material with such single-minded gusto. They play with the conviction of a band that really loves what it’s doing. After all, why would you write sixty-nine songs about anything if you didn’t love it? Wood makes it clear as of the opener “Vagetarian” (“I save a cow/ With each cunt I chow”) that he does indeed love pussy, and it’s refreshing — nay, charming — to hear him proclaim his love over and over again without devolving into misogyny. Endlessly childish Cuntree may be, but it sets a high standard for lowbrow humor.  






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